InnerSea Discoveries and the Un-Cruise: Mingling With Mother Nature

Below is the first in a series of posts related to AK Fam’s recent cruise aboard the Wilderness Discoverer, one of several InnerSea Discoveries vessels sailing around southeast Alaska.  It was an “almost-sound” that woke me. A steady, quiet noise unlike that of boat engines, the hum of which had lulled me to sleep the […]

Five Things Every Alaska Traveler Should Carry: AKontheGO Primer

Alaska is unique in both environment and attitude; knowing what to bring, when, and where can mean the difference between a splendid or mediocre experience; or, in a worst-case scenario, a dangerous one. I am forever grateful to the cadre of parents, industry professionals, and seasoned travelers who have helped compile the following list (and […]

Exploring Alaska Ports of Call – On Your Own

It’s a cruiser’s world in southeast Alaska during the summer months, there’s no denying. From the second a passenger’s shoe hits the dock, it’s go, go, go – see, see, see the “best of Alaska” in five hours or less. I love cruising, I really do, and I appreciate the industry’s efforts to get passengers […]

Family-Friendly Fun in Denali National Park: AKontheGO Takes You There

AK Kid gazed wonderingly across the tundra-clad valley near the Savage River check station. “We can see so far away,” my Anchorage-raised son mused. “I think I’ll like it here.” And like it, he did, even though we were a mere 15 miles into one of Alaska’s most fantastic family travel gems: Denali National Park. […]

ZIPPETY-Do-Dah! Denali Zipline Tours a Brand New Option for Family Fun

Alaska is famous for a lot of things; endless wilderness, icy glaciers, wild creatures. Now it’s famous for canopy-jumpers. Zippers, if you will – people who spend their days frolicking among the stands of spruce and cottonwood near the town of Talkeetna, Alaska, a place already famous for a cat-mayor and mountain climbing. It’s time […]

Alaska Railroad’s Goldstar Service Worth Every Copper Penny

“Listen to the jingle, the rumble and the roar; as she glides along the woodlands; through the hills and by the shore….” – Wabash Cannonball, Roy Acuff Tentative sunlight streamed through cottonwood trees as the blue and gold train tugged nine cars of people and baggage south. A blast of the engine’s horn startled a […]

Alaska Family Fun Continues: Where to Find the Action This Weekend

Just look at what AK Fam found yesterday aboard a Stan Stephens Glacier and Wildlife Cruise! An entire whale was attached to that tail, and he/she was one big creature cruising around the chilly waters of Prince William Sound. This is what Alaska family travel is all about – scenes like this. Don’t you love it? […]

Family-Fun Friday in Alaska: Railroad special, National Park Lottery, and More!

Much, much more, AKonthGO’ers, starting with an enormous round of gratitude to all those who helped usher in a whole new realm of Alaska family travel last night. Our Launch Party and Open House was a success, and we owe thanks to our friends at Salmon Berry Tours and Alaskan Mudboots for assisting in the […]

Alaska Travelgram Podcast: Alaska Alpine Adventures, AKontheGO, and Airfare Deals!

It was great to be back in the virtual studio yesterday with my co-host in travel, Scott McMurren and our sound engineer extrordinaire, Kirby Kauffman. A special treat was recording live and on-site at Kaladi Brothers Coffee on Centerpoint Drive in midtown Anchorage. The perfect spot for a meeting (or podcast recording, for that matter), Kaladi’s […]

“Family-Friendly” Travel in Alaska: What’s It All Mean?

Of all the new features within, I am most excited about our Family Friendly Business program. Created to assist parents and caregivers with decision-making regarding their Alaska adventure, this program, found under the “Family Friendly” tab above, is more than a listing of places to see and stay. Businesses who participate in the program, which […]

Here We Are…..

It feels good to be back on your blog roll, AKontheGO’ers. After a week of blogging silence, AKontheGO is back, and with a completely new look! We’re bigger, bolder, and decidedly Alaskan, as evidenced by the mama bear and her cub hanging out in a tree on the splash page. That black bear family, by […]