Visiting Kodiak With Kids: Alaska’s “Emerald Isle”

Note: This is the first in our two-part series about Kodiak Island and the town of Kodiak, located approximately 252 air miles from Anchorage. It’s Memorial weekend, and the annual Crab Festival is in full swing at the same time summer seems to have arrived, an ideal recipe for a family vacation. Kodiak is often […]

Alaska Farmers’ Markets Offer Family Connections in the 49th State

I can almost taste summer. While the grass may still be brown, and the leaves remain hidden, Alaska’s farmers are hard at work in their sheltered greenhouses, planting and planning another fantastic season of growing the 49th state. This weekend is considered by many to be the official kick-off of Summer Growing 2013, with markets […]

Facing Fear, Together: Mothers do it all in Alaska

Note: I wrote this piece for the May issue of Alaska Coast magazine, believing that, like a lot of things associated with motherhood, uncomfortable situations come with the territory, starting with the moment kids announce their arrival in this world. AK Kid is growing up, taking every opportunity to fly, run, jump, or in this […]

Who’s a Winner? jetBlue and AKontheGO make it real for one lucky family

We have a winner! May I have the envelope please? Our esteemed judge, James Engelhardt, Fairbanks poet and Acquisitions Editor for the University of Alaska Press (our fine publishing house, by the way), has made his decision. The winner of the jetBlue/AKontheGO Family Travel Limerick Sweepstakes is….. Cassandra Stalzer, of Anchorage!  “There once was a […]

USS Anchorage Family Hike on Friday!

AK Fam just returned from the wonderful Dock at the Block event to celebrate the arrival of the USS Anchorage to our fair city. She sailed into port this morning, and it’s been non-stop work and play since then, as you can see by our photo gallery, above… As promised, here are the details for […]

Springtime Hikes Near Anchorage

Springtime in Alaska is a funky season. The days have begun to lengthen noticeably, and temperatures, while still chilly, have managed to warm up enough that outdoor activity often requires several layers to add or take off as the mercury goes up or down.  Spring also signals the arrival of early visitors to the 49th state, […]

A Big, Blue Opportunity for Family Travel

This would be a great day to read a book of poetry. It is National Poetry Month, and we did just give away a copy of Sea Star Wishes: Poems from the Coast, thanks to Sasquatch Books in Seattle. It is also snowing in Anchorage, big, white, fluffy flakes so full of water it’s a […]

Celebrate Poetry Month With Alaska-Themed Prizes!

As a writer, I love to investigate the flow of words, most especially poetry. That some people possess the ability to weave words together to create sweetly-flowing music to the ears is most incredible, so perhaps it shouldn’t be a surprise that our friends at Sasquatch Books in Seattle sent me a lovely book of […]

Our Alaska Easter

It’s Easter weekend. I’ve read the inserts in my morning paper and tossed them aside, for they are full of frilly dresses, strappy shoes, and lawn-lounging equipment. Alaska woke up to a foot of snow on Monday morning, followed by -18F temperatures that, accompanied by bright sunshine, sent some of us into orbit with pleasure, […]

Alaska On the Go with You Tube!

Did you know AKontheGO has its own YouTube channel? Yes indeed, right HERE you can see AK Mom spinning sideways down the tubing hill at Arctic Valley Ski Area, watch a very patient mama brown bear feed her hungry cubs, or witness the bumps and jumps of a Major Marine boat during a glacier and […]