Cruising Safely With Kids: AKontheGO ‘Extra’

In 2012, the world watched a terrible scenario unfold with the grounding of the Costa Concordia in Italy, and my attention turned toward safety of such luxury cruises in Alaska. The cruising industry must have been clenching its teeth in potential panic, real or perceived, among both the media and would-be passengers who witnessed the […]

Know Before You Go: Alaska Cruise Considerations

Last July, while lounging in the sun near the cruise ship launch dock in Sitka, I overheard two friends talking about their fortunate score of splendid weather during their cruise to Alaska. “I can’t believe it,” First Guy said. “Somebody told me it rains every day in Alaska, so I brought all my best gear, […]

Beauty Sleep In the Last Frontier: Strategies from Alaskan Parents

Visiting Alaska next summer? It’s never too early to begin planning your trip to the Last Frontier with our strategies for managing sleep in a land where seasonal daylight lasts, well, all night… I will never forget our family’s first Alaskan camping trip. Toddler and a ‘tween in tow, we drove northeast to scenic Lake […]

There’s No Time Like Snow Time at Alyeska Resort

With an abundance of premier  ski resorts scattered across the United States, envisioning a family vacation to schuss the snowy slopes of Alaska seems a little far-fetched, doesn’t it? The Rocky Mountains are much closer, the Wasatch much drier, and the Cascades much cheaper. Why the heck would mom and dad spend a bundle to […]

“There’s No Place Like Nome!” With Nome Discovery Tours

There isn’t, you know, anyplace like Nome. I’ve been to many places in Alaska, and Nome is a character among characters, as towns go. It’s not much to look at, frankly, this village-by-the-sea. Clustering 3,500 residents close to the shores of the Bering Sea, Nome is a neat grid of dusty streets made famous by […]

Weekend Winners in Alaska: Hiking, Birding, and Happy Families

The weekend has arrived, let the happy dancing commence! Welcome to our weekly roundup of Family Fun in Alaska, brought to you by Alaska Center for Pediatrics, caring for kiddos since 1982. Every day the AKontheGO email-box ( is filling up with suggestions, events, and information crucial to outdoor fam fun. While our Calendar of […]

Fun Friday in Southcentral Alaska: It’s Good To Be Home

Laundry and wet boots aside, there is nothing quite as nice as returning home from a trip. The delightful weather that met us at Ted Stevens International Airport yesterday fired us back up after a wet and drippy departure from Ketchikan. It’s time to get back to the familiar routine, and Fun Friday is just […]

A ‘Beary’ Fun Friday! Critters Take Center Stage This Weekend

Bears are a major focus of our weekend plans, thanks to a big festival in Eagle River and a new tour option happening at a favorite family destination. This is AKontheGO’s last Fun Friday in Anchorage for a while as we pack up and head south to the Inside Passage for our two-week Alaska Marine […]

Who’s Gonna Drive You Home? Winter Road Trips in Alaska

Hundreds of thousands of people road trip around Alaska during the summer months. RVs and buses mingle with bedraggled Subarus and monster trucks and mini-vans on one of Alaska’s three main highways; some have a particular destination in mind, others, not so much. Alaskan residents curse and coddle at the same time, knowing that visitors […]

Alyeska Resort Adds New Tread to Old Favorites

Ski season is over and there is no good reason to go to Alyeska anymore, right? Oh no, no, no, my AKontheGOers, there’s still plenty of mountain fun at the Girdwood resort’s miles and miles of open terrain, and most of it is perfect for the fam. While attending a trade show a month or […]

Earth Day and the Wonder of it All

Happy Earth Day, everyone! This is the day to spend celebrating, enjoying, and nurturing our precious resources and the terra firma upon which we live. Now more than ever, it’s critical to educate and inform our children so that they may grow up to become stewards of the only planet (so far) to sustain humanity.  […]