Alaska RV Travel Made (more) Simple for Families PART I

Alaska’s open roads are a siren song for many 49th state travelers. Scenery, wildlife, and abundant recreation upon a whim – it’s all there, without a tour bus in sight. Dad at the wheel, mom operating the GPS and snapping casually-orchestrated Facebook photos of the kids teetering on the edge of a glacial moraine or […]

Anchorage’s Ship Creek and Port of Alaska: Tours, ships, and salmon!

Perched on the edge of a cushy motorcoach seat, dirty shoes curled beneath him, my son turned sideways, trying to catch a glimpse of the funny-looking loader creeping along the dock. Loud and lumbering, the machine slowly captured an enormous metal container, thus beginning a long journey southward for the contents inside. What – AK […]

Guided Alaska Hikes and Walks

Most visitors arrive in Alaska with every intention of hiking at least one trail during their vacation. Hiking boots – check. Rain gear – check. Nerve – welllll, let’s just say Alaska’s wilderness can be a bit intimidating for the uninitiated. Not scary, mind you, just not exactly what some people expected, especially parents unfamiliar […]

Alaska Zoo Discovery Tour Appeals to Teen Travelers

This post was written by AKontheGO intern, Bella, who has been working hard this summer (read: enjoying the sunshine and family fun) at learning the ropes about the exciting world of travel journalism.  Teenage Pro Tip: It can be hard to find something to engage the 13-18 crowd while on vacation. I ought to know; […]

Break Away at Kenai Fjords Wilderness Lodge in Seward, Alaska

“…break clean away, once in a while, and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods.”  ~ John Muir My wilderness hero speaks such wisdom, but how often I forget. Finding my happy place in Alaska seems so simple, right? A travel journalist, out and about to all sorts of beautiful places on […]

Kenai Fjords Wilderness Lodge in Seward Opens for 2013 Season

The Alaska tourism industry is a tight group of like-minded folks who support each other. Ever since I announced I was taking the plunge into guidebook authorship, my cohorts in travel have rallied, assisted, and cheered me on. Now that the book is packaged up and sent to the publisher (whew), my friends at CIRI […]

JetBlue Anchorage to Seattle: Family Vacation Superstar Fare!

HOT tip coming down from jetBlue Airways: Ride on our new favorite seasonal airline for just $87/one way between June 12-June 30! That’s right – save even more than the airline’s already low fare of $117/one way. THIS is big news for all those itching to head south in June. Remember, you can connect to other […]

Visiting Kodiak With Kids: Alaska’s “Emerald Isle”

Note: This is the first in our two-part series about Kodiak Island and the town of Kodiak, located approximately 252 air miles from Anchorage. It’s Memorial weekend, and the annual Crab Festival is in full swing at the same time summer seems to have arrived, an ideal recipe for a family vacation. Kodiak is often […]

Alaska Farmers’ Markets Offer Family Connections in the 49th State

I can almost taste summer. While the grass may still be brown, and the leaves remain hidden, Alaska’s farmers are hard at work in their sheltered greenhouses, planting and planning another fantastic season of growing the 49th state. This weekend is considered by many to be the official kick-off of Summer Growing 2013, with markets […]

Who’s a Winner? jetBlue and AKontheGO make it real for one lucky family

We have a winner! May I have the envelope please? Our esteemed judge, James Engelhardt, Fairbanks poet and Acquisitions Editor for the University of Alaska Press (our fine publishing house, by the way), has made his decision. The winner of the jetBlue/AKontheGO Family Travel Limerick Sweepstakes is….. Cassandra Stalzer, of Anchorage!  “There once was a […]

Make-A-Wish Foundation and AKontheGO Team Up for Wish Week 2013!

If I happened to be a government official, I’d start tomorrow with a proclamation: “Whereas, the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Alaska and Washington is the coolest organization around,   Whereas, their efforts to provide meaningful experiences for children with life-threatening illnesses and result in sparkling eyes, gleeful hugs, and incredible journeys,    Whereas, the community of […]