I’ve Been Working On the Railroad! Monday Morning News

After a fabulous Alaska Travelgram Show last week at which Kristi Schneider of the Alaska Railroad gave listeners a hundred and one reasons to take the train around the state, I promised to post details for those who either missed the show or needed a bit more info. Well, too, I wanted to revisit the […]

Fun Friday: A Full-Steam Ahead Weekend!

Hmmm, where did our brilliant sunshine and 70+ temperatures go? No mind, AK Fam’s lawn and flower bed is appreciating the shower and so are our allergies. We’ll take it. We are indeed full-steam ahead this weekend with a bunch of festivals and events to report, as well as a special deal from the Alaska […]

Great Alaskan TourSaver: THE Best Gift for Alaskan Travel

It’s December; snow is falling outside and temperatures are in the high teens, and it will be dark soon (or it still is, depending upon the point of view). But I’m warm and toasty in my little Anchorage split-level, soothing my chilly soul with a quick read of The Great Alaskan TourSaver coupon book, given […]