Give Alaska Travel for Christmas!

Jimmy Stewart, playing the role of discouraged George Bailey in the immortal holiday classic ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ said, “You know what the three most exciting sounds in the world are, Uncle Billy? Anchor chains, plane motors, and train whistles.” I’m inclined to believe him. What could be more fabulous than filling Christmas stockings with […]

Alaska Travel Meets a Need Through a Simple Field Trip

“The water is wide, I can’t cross ‘oer. And neither have I wings to fly. Build me a boat that will carry two, and both shall row…”  This was a week of humility. Travel accomplishes this quite nicely, especially in Alaska where Mother Nature doesn’t always go along with the prescribed plan. My pal and […]

Alaska Railroad’s Hurricane Turn Train: It’s all about personality

A dirty flag waved wildly back and forth as the locomotive’s engines ground slowly to a stop along the tracks. Within moments, a little group of people stepped out from behind a clump of willow branches, lugging plastic bins, tents, fishing poles, and rifles. Quickly tossing gear, dogs, and kids into the baggage car, these […]

Spring Break in Alaska: Get out and play!

Two parents sent messages to me today asking for spring break boredom-busters. Apparently their kids woke up and lasted about an hour before clamoring for “something to do.” Is it the weather? The lengthening daylight? Or, maybe the calendar snuck up on us this year, leaving many people, myself included, a bit lacking in the […]

Christmas in Talkeetna, Alaska: Bring the Family

Cue the cozy fire, hot cocoa, and vintage carols. AKontheGO spent the weekend before Christmas in beautiful downtown Talkeetna in a postcard-perfect setting surrounded by the best of Alaska’s best. With visiting grandparents, two sons of varying ages, and a beautiful weather forecast, it seemed the perfect opportunity to hop aboard an Alaska Railroad train […]

Alaska Railroad’s Goldstar Service Worth Every Copper Penny

“Listen to the jingle, the rumble and the roar; as she glides along the woodlands; through the hills and by the shore….” – Wabash Cannonball, Roy Acuff Tentative sunlight streamed through cottonwood trees as the blue and gold train tugged nine cars of people and baggage south. A blast of the engine’s horn startled a […]

AKontheGO’s Fun Friday for Snowy Alaskan Adventures!

Hard to believe, isn’t it, that last Friday I was crossing my gloved fingers for snow, and here we are today talking about skiing, snowshoeing, and frosty footpaths. Winter sure roared into town, didn’t it? But we here at the AKontheGO office are ready, because we’re always ready to provide your family with the utmost […]

Top O’ the Fun Friday To Ya!

The St. Patrick’s Day leprechauns are still busy around AK Hacienda, stirring up mischief (I’m convinced they had something to do with yesterday’s 5″ of snow, aren’t you?) and keeping us all on our toes. So why not continue the spirit of these little green guys with a happy clappy Fun Friday lineup so full […]

I’ve Been Working On the Railroad! Monday Morning News

After a fabulous Alaska Travelgram Show last week at which Kristi Schneider of the Alaska Railroad gave listeners a hundred and one reasons to take the train around the state, I promised to post details for those who either missed the show or needed a bit more info. Well, too, I wanted to revisit the […]

Fun Friday: A Full-Steam Ahead Weekend!

Hmmm, where did our brilliant sunshine and 70+ temperatures go? No mind, AK Fam’s lawn and flower bed is appreciating the shower and so are our allergies. We’ll take it. We are indeed full-steam ahead this weekend with a bunch of festivals and events to report, as well as a special deal from the Alaska […]

Great Alaskan TourSaver: THE Best Gift for Alaskan Travel

It’s December; snow is falling outside and temperatures are in the high teens, and it will be dark soon (or it still is, depending upon the point of view). But I’m warm and toasty in my little Anchorage split-level, soothing my chilly soul with a quick read of The Great Alaskan TourSaver coupon book, given […]