Alaska Marine Highway System, 2019 Version

(Sections of this post are taken from Alaska On the Go: Exploring the Alaska Marine Highway System with Children, by Erin Kirkland)  “What a beautiful sight that was. We could take our car, or walk on board, and GO SOMEWHERE! Our highway had arrived!” ~ Betty J. Marksheffel, describing her first view of the ferry […]

Celebrating Alaska Day in Anchorage

Today is the day residents of Alaska brush of their sense of pride along with their Xtra Tuff boots and warm hats, and stand a little taller, thanks to the Tzar of Russia. Alaska Day is held each October 18, marking the purchase of the Alaska Territory (then known as Russisan America) by the United […]

Alaska Family Adventures for 2017: Plan now

It’s no secret in the travel industry that planning a family vacation takes time, lots and lots of time. Busy parents and grandparents may have more tools available in the form of web-based resources, but all this information can also be confusing. The Alaska market is strong and growing stronger, particularly within the realm of […]

Treat Kids to an Unusual Experience in Unalaska and Dutch Harbor

  Note: This article originally appeared in the Anchorage Daily News on July 10, 2015.  Standing at the crest of a grassy knoll strewn with wildflowers and the beginnings of a berry patch, my son and I momentarily forgot where we were. The sweeping meadows and craggy cliffs of Ireland, perhaps, making our way to the […]

Unalaska Dutch Harbor: Finding the heart of the Aleutians

I rather feel as if our family has accomplished a true Alaska rite of passage by sailing the Aleutian Islands chain to Unalaska-Dutch Harbor. We’ve put in our miles around the state, to be sure, but it’s trips like the one we completed last week that truly cement my assertion that we are, truly, Alaska’s […]

Traveling the Alaska Marine Highway Southwest Route: Family worthy?

In choosing to write my second book on the subject of Alaska’s storied and historic Marine Highway System (AMHS), our family accepted the challenge of traveling all four routes identified by the State’s ferry system. From Bellingham, Washington to Juneau we sailed on the Southeast Route; between Juneau and Whittier we jostled along via the […]

*BREAKING* Alaska Braces for Statewide Partial Shutdown of Government

  If you reside in Alaska, this email won’t come as much of a surprise. If you are a potential visitor, it might incite some anxiety, and even a fair amount of anger. We don’t blame you; we’re feeling the same thing. Here is the message I received from the Alaska Department of Transportation just […]

Tour Southwest Alaska Aboard a Ferry: Unalaska-Dutch Harbor await

In 48 hours, the picnic supplies, coffee press, non-perishable food, DVDs, chargers, and other miscellaneous flotsam and jetsam of our upcoming Alaska Marine Highway (ferry) trip will be safely aboard the MV Tustemena, bound for Unalaska-Dutch Harbor. This much-anticipated trip represents the last AMHS route on our sailing list as I write the manuscript of […]

Alaska Marine Highway Adventures Await: 2015’s far-flung ferry ride

Today is Thursday, better known as “Book Day.” It’s how I get through my week. There’s “Me Monday,” “Magazine Wednesday,” and “Freelance Friday.” I thrive on structure, and as a journalist who works from home with distractions at my elbow (or under my feet, ahem, AK Dogs), a schedule like mine is often the best […]

Alaska Marine Highway Unaccompanied Minor Policy: AKontheGO weighs in

Yesterday, the Alaska Marine Highway and Alaska Department of Transportation issued a new policy regarding unaccompanied minors traveling aboard their ferries. As of November 20, 2014, all children under the age of 18 must travel with a parent, legal guardian, or other individual at least 18 years of age who also carries a notarized letter […]

Alaska On the Go: Exploring the Marine Highway with children

For those following closely the saga of Alaska On the Go: Exploring the 49th state with children, you will know that barely seven months after its release, the book is still hopping off store shelves around the country. This makes me feel pretty good, so good that in a fit of memory loss not unlike […]