Fun Friday: What’s a Dad To Do in Alaska? Everything!

We love AK Dad. He’s warm, fuzzy, and a ton of fun to have along when traveling. The best thing about AK Dad, though, is a truly authentic, utterly adorable love for his boys. It’s not easy, sometimes, with one son lurking on the fringe of adulthood in a state far, far, away, and another […]

Help! I’m Traveling With a Teenage Brain!

Newsflash: In case you missed last week’s Kids These Days broadcast of Inside the Teenage Brain: Teens take risks! Yes, parents, grandparents, and guardians of anyone age 12 to 18, you’ll need this nugget of information while on vacation. Here’s our take on traveling with a teenage brain. I was thrilled to finally receive validation […]

Making Sense of Alaska’s Big Ticket Attractions: Three Tips for Travelers

The date for your Alaska adventure has finally arrived. The kids have their raingear and boots, you’ve bought the plane tickets and made hotel reservations, now everyone is excited about their trek around the 49th state. Except for one thing – the choices. So many options in so many places, and for so much money! […]

Fun Friday for April 13: A Lucky Day of Alaska Family Fun

I prefer to remain positive about days like Friday the 13th. Who could think anything otherwise with such glorious sunshine outside, and temperatures warming into the low 50’s? It’s Fun Friday once again, and AKontheGO has some lovely ideas for getting the fam outside this weekend, plus a special event honoring our veterans. Fun Friday […]

Break It Down For Peaceful Family Travel in Alaska

I wish you could have been at AK Hacienda this morning to witness post-Hawaii-vacation-angst at its finest, courtesy of AK Kid. If I only knew where the camera was packed…. Kids and travel generally go together like peanut butter and jelly, but even the most affiable child will become tired at some point. It takes […]

Family Travel Resolutions for 2012

We here at AKontheGO believe in family travel so much, we’re willing to take one for the team in generous encouragement of your next adventure. This means, of course, AK Fam must communicate our impressions within the world of travel and children; sometimes funny, sometimes frustrating, but always insightful. At least, after we’ve scraped the […]

Beauty Sleep In the Last Frontier: Strategies from Alaskan Parents

Visiting Alaska next summer? It’s never too early to begin planning your trip to the Last Frontier with our strategies for managing sleep in a land where seasonal daylight lasts, well, all night… I will never forget our family’s first Alaskan camping trip. Toddler and a ‘tween in tow, we drove northeast to scenic Lake […]