Flying Alaska: Great places to connect kids and planes

Flying is so much a part of Alaska folklore that one can hardly visit and not be caught up in the legends and individuals who blazed a trail across the skies in the name of Last Frontier transportation and industry. While flying in a commercial sense today means merely boarding a glorified bus and jetting […]

A Big, Blue Opportunity for Family Travel

This would be a great day to read a book of poetry. It is National Poetry Month, and we did just give away a copy of Sea Star Wishes: Poems from the Coast, thanks to Sasquatch Books in Seattle. It is also snowing in Anchorage, big, white, fluffy flakes so full of water it’s a […]

Un-Cruise Adventures and AKontheGO Team Up for “Kids in Nature”

This is a BIG announcement. I mean, really, really big. Un-Cruise Adventures (formerly Inner Sea Discoveries) has invited ME to serve as on-board Guest Host of their Discoverer’s Glacier Country cruise June 16-21, 2013! Moi! I’m excited about this for a number of reasons. 1. It means Un-Cruise Adventures gets this whole family-adventure-travel thing, knowing […]

Alaska’s Winter Festivals Great for Families

Mid-winter has arrived in Alaska, and though this time of year typically sends a rush of residents to Hawaii or Mexico, it also marks the beginning of winter festival season. The fun starts this weekend in Anchorage and migrates north toward Fairbanks, and even those who don’t like cold can’t argue with the beauty of […]

Family Travel Trouble: Salvaging your vacation

I love arranging vacations almost as much as actually going on vacations. Months in advance, I haul out maps and guidebooks and start plotting a schedule of fun, and I know I’m not alone. Today’s travelers are savvy, discriminating, and incredibly detail-oriented, but even the sharpest planners cannot overcome occasional, unintended obstacles of family travel. […]

Alaska Travel Links For Follow Friday!

After four days talking travel at the annual Alaska Travel Industry Association convention, my head is about to explode. There is so much going on in the world of Alaska travel and tourism, loyal AKontheGO’ers. New products, enhanced services, and a ton of enthusiasm for the concept of family travel, too. No kidding – every […]

Family-Friendly Alaska: 5 Things Businesses Can Do to Welcome Children

Kids are hot, hot, hot in the Alaska tourism industry right now; trotting down cruise ship gangplanks, jetways, and hopping out of car seats, rigged and ready for their 49th state vacation. But are Alaska travel and tourism-related businesses meeting the needs of this incredibly active demographic? Moreover, are these businesses jiving with the high […]

Alaska’s “Little Norway” Welcomes Your Family: Visiting Petersburg

Distant from the cruise ship routes, the quaint village of Petersburg, Alaska is a wonderful stop for family travelers seeking a bit of local culture and simple kid fun. Located in southeast Alaska on Mitkof Island, in beautiful Frederick Sound, Petersburg has managed to stave off the hordes of visitors who frequent other Inside Passage […]

What Does 9/11 Teach Us About Family Travel?

On this day each year, I reflect back to a time when family travel looked decidedly different. Back to open gate areas in airports, when arriving or departing meant loved ones in our midst. Back to an open, spontaneous travel lifestyle, and back to conversations with my children that didn’t involve terms like “TSA,” or […]

Alaska Family Fun Continues: Where to Find the Action This Weekend

Just look at what AK Fam found yesterday aboard a Stan Stephens Glacier and Wildlife Cruise! An entire whale was attached to that tail, and he/she was one big creature cruising around the chilly waters of Prince William Sound. This is what Alaska family travel is all about – scenes like this. Don’t you love it? […]

Here We Are…..

It feels good to be back on your blog roll, AKontheGO’ers. After a week of blogging silence, AKontheGO is back, and with a completely new look! We’re bigger, bolder, and decidedly Alaskan, as evidenced by the mama bear and her cub hanging out in a tree on the splash page. That black bear family, by […]