Alaska Salmon-ology: Sound like an expert!

by Bryan Bearss There’s not much that says summer in Alaska more than fishing, and chances are, if you’re fishing in Alaska, you’ll be looking for salmon. From June to September, people flock to Alaska’s rivers, streams, and saltwater hotspots in the hopes of catching a big, beautiful salmon. Most Alaska families take at least […]

Alaska Facts for Kids

Good morning, young AKontheGO’ers! Today’s Kids’ Corner is full of interesting Alaska facts, great stuff if you’re hanging around the lunchroom or quizzing your parents at the dinner table. But first, a puzzler, because it’s been a while since we’ve posted a funny: Q: Where do you find an ocean without any water?  A: On […]

Sitka Spruce: Alaska state tree is a prickly partner for many industries

Someone asked me this week why Alaska’s state tree could not be used for a Christmas tree. My answer: “Have you ever tried to carry one of those? Ouch!” The Sitka spruce (or Picea sitchensis) is the tallest in the spruce family, and looks quite noble towering above its cousin the Black spruce in Southcentral […]

Amazing Moose Facts!

Perhaps no other animal is as visible around Alaska as the moose. Tall, gangly, and with the look of a horse gone horribly wrong, moose are the largest members of the deer family, and inhabit many areas of our 49th state. While bears receive most of the attention for their power and good looks, moose […]