JUST IN: Alaska Airlines Announces Elite Leave

This morning Alaska Airlines, the preferred air carrier for legions of flying families, announced an innovative program to help new parents preserve their valuable air miles and thus a sense of calm during the wild and wonderful adventure of raising kids.  In a statement from the company as the plan was released this morning, the […]

Flying and Ear Pain – How to ease the discomfort: AK Mom’s Story

One of the more unpleasant treasures I brought back from my trip last week was a head cold, which truly wasn’t too bad until I boarded the flight home. Booked on the infamous Alaska Airlines “Milk Run,” traveling between Ketchikan and Anchorage via Sitka and Juneau (I was lucky this time; often the run includes […]

Alaska Airlines Hates Who? Reflecting on Air Travel With Little Ones

I opened my email this morning to an email titled “Alaska Airlines Hates Families”, describing a family’s attempted Alaska Airlines return trip from Las Vegas to Canada after their wedding. Seems said family had a baby who needed changing right before the flight departed, so mom went to oblige, became delayed, and set off a storm […]