Spring Break Report From AK Fam’s Favorite Teen and Travelgram ReCap

Welcome to Wednesday, AKontheGO’ers. We’ve made it halfway through our first post-Spring Break week and the switch to Daylight Savings Time. Is it the weekend, yet? Yikes.

For those who may have missed yesterday’s Alaska Travelgram Show (mercy, why would you do that?), here are a few links to important resources discussed by Mr. Scott McMurren and Moi. First, great airline deals can be found at Jet Blue for summertime flights to SoCal. AK Fam will be hopping aboard the inaugural flight on May 23rd, bound for Long Beach and a little Disneyland (shhhh, it’s a surprise for AK Kid) to celebrate his successful Kindergarten year at the German Halls of Higher Learning.

Speaking of German, Scott also spoke of Condor Air’s uber-great deal to Frankfurt beginning May 7. A seasonal steal, that what this is, so if you’ve been pondering a trip to Europe, this might be the ticket for you. Das ist gut!

We also chatted with Sarah Mueller from Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson about the wonderful outdoor recreation opportunities awaiting our service members and their families. Check out their bounty of family fun and get outdoors this summer with your crew, maybe even down to Seward and the beautiful Seward Military Resort, located a stone’s throw away from tons of great fishing, hiking, and sightseeing.

Did you enjoy your Spring Break? Here’s our favorite teen blogger, Sydney Jane Armstrong, with her impressions of a spring vacation (we use the term “spring” loosely around here) with her family. Alaska teens are a busy bunch, I’m finding out, and Sydney gives us a taste of Alaskan adventure while up in the small community of Willow, about 1.5 hours north of Anchorage:

Alaska teenagers know how to have wild fun while on vacation

Spring Break, the last big vacation before school lets out for summer. While a lot of people go outside Alaska to enjoy their time off, some decide to stay and enjoy what our great state has to offer. This year’s spring break in Alaska was particularly fantastic due to amazing sunshine.

I, like many others, spent my week doing what Alaskans do best, enjoying the great outdoors. With seven days off and so much to do, I didn’t know where to begin. I spent the first weekend like most teenage girls would, hanging out with friends, driving around town to favorite spots to take pictures; Flattop, Potter Marsh, and even Beluga Point. Tuesday, my cousin and I headed out on a road trip to her cabin in Willow, a beautiful drive. I think my favorite part of growing up so far is the long road trips I get to take with my closest friends: just us, some good music, and a lot of laughter.

Once we arrived, the first thing we did was lace up our skates and play on an ice rink my uncle made on Willow Lake. It was a blast. I even learned how to play hockey.

The rest of the week was spent in my other favorite activity, riding the snowmachine. I grew up on the sleds, but I’ve never been on quite the trip like this one with my cousin Lindsey when we left Willow Lake early and followed trails leading to adjacent Long and Crystal lakes, then took off into the woods.

As we rounded a corner some distance away, we came upon my favorite summertime campground, Little Willow. As we carefully crossed the frozen river with our machines, we followed the area’s road all the way back to the highway’s bridge. I know this campground like the back of my own hand, spending at least a month total of summer fishing and swimming in the river with my family, but I had never seen it in the winter.

With darkness falling, we decided to head back. I assumed we would be returning the way we came, but Lindsey had a different idea. She waved for me to follow her and, driving towards the highway, we saw a build-up of snow had caused our normal route to be level with a bridge safety railing that, with one wrong turn, could have taken the machine right off the bridge. We headed back to the cabin following the trail using the road instead of the trail, something I’ve never done in all my years of riding.

Once at the cabin, we curled up to watch a movie. The perfect way to spend the last night of vacation, right? Wrong.  Around 11p.m., I decided to check Facebook on my phone and quickly saw that everyone’s status updates were about how beautiful the Northern Lights were. Lindsey and I grabbed our coats (I couldn’t find mine so I threw on a fur coat I found hanging up) and our cameras and headed down to the lake in the dark. From the lake’s edge we saw beautiful Northern Lights “dancing” in the sky. It was only the second time I could remember seeing them in person, and they were incredible. We hopped on the ice rink, grabbed a hockey net and flipped it over to make a type of hammock. We lay there for an hour in the freezing cold, taking pictures, talking, and enjoying the gorgeous green lights. Now if that’s not a true Alaskan night, I don’t know what is.

Vacation rocks.

Note: Considering a winter/spring vacation to Alaska next year with your ‘tween or teen? Our friends at Salmon Berry tours offer snowmachine tours for just this generation, so give Candice and her crew a call to arrange a wild Alaskan adventure!

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