Sponsored Post: Minecraft Superleague Coming to a Theater Near You

Image courtesy superleague.com

Image courtesy superleague.com

Note: This is, according to AK Kid, a super-important thing, and I should make sure I let you all know about it. So I am, thanks to the Minecraft Superleaguers…

It may be hard for parents to think of computer video games as educational, but Super League Gaming is bringing the educational benefits of Minecraft to a theater near you. This is the perfect opportunity for parents to get their gamer kids out of the house, and into a social, brain-stimulating environment.

Minecraft is an extremely popular interactive game that allows players to create and build 3D blocks in varying environments and terrains.

Super League Gaming is the world’s first recreational video game league held inside a movie theater. Every week, gamers will bring a laptop and friends to the Anchorage 16 and XD located at 301 E 36th Avenue. Super League creates the best entertaining gameplay experience – ever.

The 6-week, after-school league program assigns participants to teams of 4-6 to work together towards a common goal. While most players are 6-18 years old, all Minecraft players are welcome. Prizes will be awarded to stop scorers and participants will be given their very own Super League jersey. Super League also offers a scholarship to the national team ($10k total – $2k each) and the national individual ($5k)–plus a cool trophy.
Tickets are $100 for the fall session. At this time, there are no tickets for single days. Parents are allowed to accompany their children for free.

The Super League fall session will start in Anchorage on Wednesday, October 7th at 4:30pm and it continues every Wednesday at the same time for the following five weeks. For more information and to buy tickets, visit the Superleague website HERE.

Image courtesy superleague.com

Image courtesy superleague.com

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