See the Alaska State Fair: It’s the weekend!

AK Kid begins grade three this year. I'm holding up very well, thank you.

We did it, AKontheGO’ers. We made it through the first three days of the 2013-2014 school year with a minimum of angst. Now, it’s time to celebrate.

AKontheGO reader submission. Aren't they adorable?

The Alaska State Fair opened on Thursday, and runs unchecked through Monday, September 2, with games, rides, livestock, and those enormous Alaska vegetables on display. This weekend, in particular, offers plenty of family-themed fun. Today is Family Day, with Kids under 12 receiving free admission. Tomorrow is Alaska Day, and tons of events will be held on the fair grounds to commemorate the uniqueness that is our 49th state.

AKontheGO will be at the fair Sunday – we’re so anxious to see who received a scholarship award from Alaska Communications Summer of Heroes program. Why don’t you join us? The event will be held at the Woodlot Stage at 2 p.m., and most of the kids who entered will be there. It’s sure to be an amazing afternoon. Look for us!

If you caught our appearance on ABC’s Good Morning Alaska yesterday, you heard our tips for a spectacular fair experience. But in case you didn’t, here are the highlights:

Mmmmm, funnel cakes.

Go early. The fair opens at 10 a.m.; plan to be in line by then. The drive from Anchorage to Palmer is approximately 40 minutes, so stop by Kaladi Brothers Coffee, grab a cup of goodness, and head north. It’s VERY foggy this morning, so watch for those moose along the Glenn Highway.

Plan your day. See those maps by the fair gates? Grab one, sit down for a minute, and plan your fair experience. Rides a priority? Hit those first, while kids have an (urp) empty stomach, and lines are shorter. Then wander over to the livestock barns and 4-H exhibits, before grabbing a bite and watching the show. There are tons of musical acts playing at various stages, and you don’t want to miss a thing.

Bring snacks and drinks. Even though the fair is a smorgasbord of incredible food, the wise parent will remember it is also home to Long Line Syndrome. Everyone knows this syndrome; a line stretches to the Gravitron and back, hungry or thirsty children become jumpy, grumpy, or downright unruly. Save yourselves, bring some healthy snacks like vegetables, fruit, milk boxes, and solid carb/protein combinations. We usually pack a PB&J for days like this.

Be weather-wise. Sure, the sun came out yesterday, but I think that might have been a fluke. We all know it rains during the fair, yes? Just in case I’m right, pack the best raingear, umbrellas, and boots for your family. Then when I’m wrong, you’ll feel better for having been prepared, anyway. Even if it doesn’t rain, I usually bring a fleece jacket for every family member; sometimes the Valley breezes can come up and be a bit chilly.

AK Fam is off on the run this morning – headed to the lovely McKinley Princess Lodge  in Trapper Creek, about 50 miles north of Talkeetna. We’re going to attend something called “Christmas in August,” which befuddles me a bit but nonetheless should elicit some fantastic photos. I’ve been assured that I will forever visit the event at this lodge after attending, so now my curiousity is piqued to the max. At any rate, this lovely property offers an enormous deck, excellent dining, and a brand-new fire pit for roasting s’mores at the end of a busy day.

Jingle all the way!?


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