Science Saturday is Coming-Are You Signed Up, Yet?

One-One time is a valuable way to spend a Saturday afternoon!

One-One time is a valuable way to spend a Saturday afternoon!

Parents of ‘tweens, have you registered for the next Science Saturday at Campbell Creek Science Center? The program continues this Saturday, January 9, and the staff have cooked up some pretty interesting stuff around the topic of Energy for your budding scientists.

From 1-3:30 p.m., kids ages 8-12 will be exploring how energy is created, how it is used, and how we as stewards of Mother Earth can save it. Space is limited, so if you haven’t signed up, the time is NOW. In a partnership with 4-H, the CCSC folks are allowing the Cooperative Extension (4-H’s office) handle registration. Call Marianne Kerr with questions at 907-786-6305, or visit their office at 221 E. Northern Lights Blvd (Charter College building). Cost for the program is $5 per session, with a one-time fee of $6, which includes the 4-H membership. This is a real deal for big kids who enjoy science and hands-on learning.
Part of the course is indoors, the other half, out, so dress appropriately for the weather.

Since all kids need at least one adult to accompany them to this class, the other parent, or perhaps a friend, could accompany siblings as they explore some of the hidden animal trails around the Science Center grounds. Our little AK Kid always enjoys going on a scavenger hunt for sticks tracks and little hidey holes in tree wells. Or bring the skis or snowshoes; it’s a ton of fun to weave in and out around the bare trees and shrubs while the “big kids” have their class.

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