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[A sponsored post on behalf of Great Alaskan Holidays, based in Anchorage]

The first few lines of my book say it all:

Let’s be honest. Preparing for a trip across town with children can sometimes be difficult, never mind planning a vacation to a state twice the size of Texas. With almost 587,000 square miles of real estate, Alaska the a vast environmental presence that requires respectful attention to detail.

Especially, moms and dads, if you’re driving a Recreational Vehicle (RV).

One of the most popular ways to explore Alaska, RV travel is an excellent option for adventurous families, be it in a coach, trailer, or other method of mobile eating, sleeping, and playing. The freedom to independently wander the highways and byways of the Last Frontier, stopping when and (mostly) where you want, cooking your own food, unpacking only one time – the benefits are endless. That said, planning just how far you’ll venture from a starting point is a critical element, and one that should never be taken lightly.


Great Alaskan Holidays is an excellent resource for exploring the 49th state via RV. From pick-up to drop-off, customer service agents are keen to help your family see as much as possible within a reasonable amount of time, and they’re not afraid to tell you, either. While we do enjoy in-person conversations with the good folks at the main office in Anchorage, pre-planning is key, and a good place to start is on the GAH website, found HERE.

A few tips before you even choose an RV: 

  • Know how many days you plan to travel. There’s a huge difference between seven days of time in Alaska, and 10. Have a solid start and end date, making the “in-between” planning much easier.
  • Determine the scope of your trip. Is driving the destination? Are attractions and activities the main goal? Talk to each other and find out what, if any, side trips or sites everyone would like to see and do.
  • Consider the driver. Will two adults be driving? Only one? Be clear with the adults in your party to determine who is comfortable driving more, or less. This will greatly affect your mileage and access to destinations.
  • Think of the children. Yes, RV travel is comfortable and relaxing, but kids still need to be restrained in car seats, boosters, or seat belts as with any road trip. Considering 12-hour days on the road? Be sure your kids (and you) can take it.

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Great Alaskan Holidays has two modes of planning that make an RV trip around Alaska pretty simple.

1. Reserving adventures is easy via the services of GAH’s self-serve website. With one or two clicks, your family can plan a flightseeing adventure, bear-viewing, or glacier day cruise with some of the top names in the Alaska travel industry. Still not sure? Talk with reservations agents at 888-2-ALASKA, or locally (907) 248-7777.

2. Sample itineraries are available, with mileage information, local attractions, and ways to add two or more extra days to most of the suggested trips. Drive from Anchorage to Denali National Park, or the Kenai Peninsula, or maybe north to Fairbanks, adding a few extra days or weeks to go south again to Haines and the historic gold rush community of Skagway. The gist is this: If you have the time, Great Alaskan Holidays has a route.


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Already, GAH has an “Early Bird Special” happening for 2016 reservations. Join us (yes, we’ll be out and about in a Great Alaskan Holidays RV next summer) for some road-tripping adventures by reserving select RVs for the low cost of $179.95 per night (fine print applies). That’s about half the cost of a nightly stay in an Alaska hotel room during the same time.

Alaskans, don’t you forget about the incredible “Odds and Ends” deals, either. If you have some last-minute time to explore your wonderful state, say with a lead time of 10 days or so, GAH might have a deal for you. Give them a call at (907) 248-7777 and see what’s available.

As always, AKontheGO has a wide range of blog posts covering road trip topics of interest. Simply use our category tool for “Alaska Road Trips,” or do a search in the box, above.




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