Remembering Your Hotel “Manners”

How many times have we reminded our kids to “remember their manners” when out in public? Heck, how many times were we ourselves prodded to use manners during our growing up years? If you are anything like me; many. And not just at home, either. Manners count everywhere, as we remind our sons time after time. Especially in hotels.

Why? I’ve been on both giving and receiving ends of kid-dom when staying in guest lodging. When all is well, staying with kids at hotels means swimming pools, yummy breakfasts, and an opportunity to explore hallways and lobbies away from our own safe bubble of residence at home.  But when things go wrong, they can go horribly so, and it is everyone who must suffer.

For instance, those hotel walls and floors? Not so insulated. Every jump, slide, and/or screech of either laughter or tears will indeed leach into the room next door. Jumping on beds is verboten, as is seeing how far a head start one needs to launch from one cushy double to the other. Nada is our rule. Ditto for playing the Saturday morning cartoons at a decibel level rivaling that of a hockey rink.

Elevators are great, aren’t they? Such fast and fun things to jump into, especially when they look kind of like a space ship. Except when the rocket breaks down between planets because somebody was in the cockpit unattended. Oops. We had a little discussion with AK Kid the other night after a bigger kid did exactly that. I don’t worry too much about him jumping into an elevator alone, my issue is his propensity for all but pressing his face to the doors so that the person stepping out has a heart attack due to a small blonde child waiting silently on the other side.

Have any hotel horror stories to share? Lay them on us, and we’ll publish the best, or worst. It sure makes me think twice about letting my young traveler roam the halls, let me tell you.

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