Remember This as Winter Settles In…

The most gorgeous sight to see is not the front yard awash with fresh, untouched snow. No, the most beautiful thing on a winter’s day is the yard trampled, tracked, and flush with signs of children who have spent the day enjoying this precious gift from Nature.

I am sad to report that after a six-inch snowfall in our East Anchorage neighborhood, our yard is the only one with such. The temperatures were perfect, the snow fluffy, and the dog excited. AK Fam spent two hours outside running, sliding, jumping and glorying in a holiday with no agenda other than enjoying each other’s company. The scent of roasting turkeys and stuffing wafted around our neighbor’s homes, making the day even more cozy with the anticipation of what was to come.

By the end of the morning our front deck was covered with sleds, skis, poles and shovels, and our foyer boasts boots of every size and variation, and I love it.

Did you go outside yesterday? How about today? What does your yard look like? Or your front entrance, for that matter?

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