NEWS: AKontheGO Publisher Joins

How about this for Monday morning news?

How about this for Monday morning news?

Sometimes opportunities come along at inconvenient moments. Like, perhaps, when one is sitting astride a kayak in the middle of Frederick Sound, or waiting to board a ferry to Dutch Harbor. Opportunities with positive potential sort of freak me out, and I’m just lucky a) I didn’t dump the kayak, and b) I made the ferry. Boom.

About a week ago I completed final paperwork to become the “Alaska Expert” for the internet information site, Yes, THAT, the place where everything related to anything is represented, including travel. It’s an opportunity, a jump ahead, and it was time.

AK Kid is growing up to the stature of an “almost adult,” which means he can now participate in many of the adult-ish Alaska activities I’ll be covering for About. I am ready for a broader audience, and the entire family is ready for a bit more time at home (at least for them).

What will I do for No longer solely writing about the niche demographic of Alaska family travel, allows me to write about the broader audience looking for Alaska experiences, whatever the age or ability. Exciting? Totally, because now I can go anywhere.

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What does this mean for AKontheGO? You may have read a Facebook post welcoming our new “team” of AKontheGO correspondents. Bryan, Mariah, and Steve are dispersed around the state, and can’t wait to share the ins and outs of Alaska family travel and adventure with readers and their kids. Most likely, subscribers will notice no disruption at all of the same fabulous (ahem) content, up-to-date trends and information, and super-cool family destinations in the 49th state. I’m still Alaska’s family travel expert, but I’ve added some incredible individuals to help me cover the Last Frontier.

Can readers still subscribe? Of course! At the bottom of the AKontheGO home page is a “Subscribe Here” button. Simply add your email address and that’s it – you’re in!

How can readers contact a correspondent with a question or comment? The best way is to comment on a particular post. I still have the keys to the AKontheGO shop, and will be constantly updating and upgrading our excellent website. Need more info? Comment, and we’ll get back to you so everyone can learn. Have a specific question or need to reach me directly? Email, and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

It is our “family’s” hope that you will embrace this gradual shift toward a team approach for moving AKontheGO into its next phase. We’re pretty excited about it.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be working hard to build the Alaska site for’s “Go Alaska.” I can’t wait to share it with you. As always, keep tabs on our Alaska adventures via Twitter (@akonthego), Instagram (@akonthego), and Pinterest (Erin Kirkland/@alaskaonthego). Too much fun is going on to miss a single minute.

Happy Monday, and happy seasonal transition!


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