Museum of Natural History Hosts a ‘Ghoul-y Good Time’

Oh my, it seems as if we are not the only ones interested in up-close and personal interactions with potions, notions, and stuff this Halloween. The Alaska Museum of Natural History on Bragaw Avenue in Mountain View is getting ready for an incredibly interesting, albeit kind of unusual party for Halloween on Friday and Saturday.

‘Mad Scientist Days’ kicks off Friday with the Haunted Museum welcoming visitors to a tour through one of the spookiest places in town. From 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., museum staff and volunteers will provide a look inside the eerie goings-on at the facility, topping it all off with a (ugh) real-time necropsy (autopsy) of an, um, deceased sea otter, performed by Fish and Wildlife biologists. Yes, your kids can see the formerly alive innards of an animal, learning a bit about anatomy and a lot about marine mammal science. Even the big kids might enjoy this once they get past the initial ewww-factor.

If you dare, return on Saturday between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. for a bit tamer exploration into bubbling potions, strange substances, and ghostly good fun. Bring everyone, parents, as Executive Director Katch assures us there will be something for even the littlest goblins. The party costs $4 for kids 12 and under/$3 members, $5 for adults (FREE if those adults are members). This is a great way to support the museum’s programs, dedicated to the natural history education of Alaska’s youth.

Wear your costume, and get ready for some weird and wacky fun, little Mad Scientists!

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