Morrison Outdoors Infant Sleeping Bag – For a good night at camp

AKontheGO is thankful for parents like Kristen Stevens who are willing to test gear in the name of comfort and safety for all AK Kids. Below is her review of the Morrison Outdoors Infant Sleeping Bag, modeled by adorable Lillian, 16 months. 

The Morrison Outdoors Infant Sleeping Bag is a one-piece way to keep babies and toddlers warm in the outdoors. Image courtesy Kristen Stevens.

“My husband and I have six kids, the youngest of whom is 16-month old Lillian. We love Alaska for all the outdoor opportunities, and especially love camping. Lillian sleeps in a pack n’ play, and we usually bring a few blankets for her, which I have to keep pulling back over her throughout the night, as she kicks them off. I was excited to try out the Morrison Outdoors  Infant Down Sleeping Bag. 


The Morrison Outdoors infant bag packs down to fit neatly in your backpack or bag. Image courtesy Kristen Stevens.

The first thing I noticed was how lightweight and small it packed down in its provided stuff sack. It’s also soft to the touch. Another useful feature is the zipper unzips from the bottom so it makes a late night diaper change quick and easy.

We took the kids camping at Big Lake Recreation Area in a Kodiak canvas tent. The coldest it got, according to one weather app, was 48* but due to the rain, it felt more like 40-45* I would normally dress Lillian in fleece zip up sleepers, I forgot to pack her pajamas. I had this cotton short sleeve romper I dressed her in for bed, and was tempted to add socks and a blanket on top but decided to see how the sleeping bag did by itself.
One thing with the sleeves is that it’s all one piece, so there’s no cuff to fold back if you want babies’ hands exposed. Lillian uses a pacifier and was getting frustrated because she couldn’t grab her pacifier if it fell out. The other side of this was that having the sleeves all one tube was good though as it helped with heat retention. Lillian is normally a “butt in the air” stomach sleeper, and the first night she was mostly on her back. The next night there was a lot of flopping and kicking around as she had to put more effort into moving around her crib. I am glad I forgot her usual pajamas as she woke up with perfectly warm toes, hands and even cheeks. I think she would have been too warm in fleece pajamas. This is real down, not artificial, which I’m sure helped keep my baby warm. I did notice a few feathers in her bed after she woke up, they are small, but I don’t know if there’s any concern about them being inhaled.
At 16 months old Lillian is 25″ from her shoulders to her heels and the sleeping bag measured 30″ from shoulder to bottom. I’m excited she still has plenty of room and will get lots more use out of her sleeping bag. 
I can’t say how it will be when the temperatures get colder but so far it worked really well and is a super useful item for families camping with kids under two years old.” 

Sweet Lillian in her Morrison Outdoors Infant Sleeping Bag. Image courtesy Kristen Stevens.

A few more details about Morrison Outdoors products: 
Baby Sleeping Bags are called “Little Mo” and come in two styles; a 20-degree bag (down) and a 40-degree bag (synthetic). They are designed to fit babies between six and 24 months (allowances made, of course for longer or larger babies). The 40-degree bag retails for $84.95 (currently on sale for $59.58); and the 20-degree bag retails for $159.95 (currently on sale for $119.95). 
– Have bigger kids? There’s a “Big Mo” too, designed for toddlers between two and four years of age, with the same warmth ratings. These retail between $99 – $179 (currently on sale for $89.95 – $159.95, respectively). 
The company launched in 2018 via Kickstarter and almost immediately, Morrison Outdoors products were a hit with parents and caregivers of the smallest campers. Currently, the company says, their bundle-sized sleeping bags can be found in 60 REI locations around the United States. 
Here in Alaska, where weather can change in an instant from warm to chilly to downright cold, it’s nice to know parents have options for their little ones as we strive to show them the great outdoors. 
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