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For many visitors to Alaska, transportation seems pretty straightforward. Board airplane, collect bags, board bus, train, or cruise ship, and let the fun begin. Easy, right? Well, sort of.

An interesting trend about traveling families today is their increasing independence when it comes to embarking on the annual vacation. Moms and dads want, for the most part, to be able to make a discerning decision when it comes to everything from airlines to rental cars, and with the internet, we can.  Since AK Fam’s return from Fairbanks, we’ve been doing some serious thinking about our travel transportation habits, and wondering if perhaps we might break out of our comfortable little bubble of security this summer in support of all the parents who, like us, are willing to hunt around a bit for not only a great deal, but an accommodating, family-friendly Alaskan sort of company. We’ll begin with Alaska’s most famous form of transportation, the airplane.

AK Fam has long been a staunch supporter of Alaska’s numero uno airline, and as we wrote in a post from the hotel last week, we were pleasantly surprised by the quality of service and convenience while flying aboard a different company, Era Alaska,  to and from the Interior. We’re already planning our next trip to the Tanana Valley Fair this summer, so we did a little comparison shopping between Alaska Airlines and Era Alaska, just to see who came out top price dog. Turns out, both fares were exactly the same; $258 RT from ANC-FAI in the middle of August.  The Pros? I love that “no security line” thing; I tell you, any time I don’t have to employ my strategies for preparing for, entering, and merely surviving the TSA gets extra points in my book, and if Era flew to Dallas, I’d take them there, too. It’s worth it parents, especially if you are midway through a vacation and are already tired of any sort of hassle. Era also has what they call “Flyaway” specials, deals for in-state travel that are pretty darned reasonable. Check ’em out. Cons? Well, darn it, you won’t get those Alaska Air miles, at least not when you fly to Fairbanks. Other cities Alaska Air doesn’t serve, you will, but not FAI.

Still not convinced? Era has their own frequent flier program, too, that allows for points to fly all over the great state of Alaska, and it doesn’t take long to garner enough to scoot the fam someplace else for a long weekend of playing tourist.

Lori Goodman of Era Alaska was just on KUDO’s Alaska Travelgram show a few weeks ago and she pointed out the benefits of flying local. Besides ease of travel, you’d be supporting an Alaskan-grown business, something AKontheGO heartily endorses. Give their web site a try; there is a wealth of information and destinations for you to pick. Life is short. Fly far.

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