Monday Morning News and a History of Flight Service

Is it my imagination, or are weekends getting shorter? Perhaps I am merely recovering slower than in my 30’s. Either way, both AK Kid and I were sluggish commuters to the Higher Halls of German Learning this morning.

A 100 lb cinnamon roll was the star at House of Bread on Saturday.

Busy, busy, busy was the AK Fam mantra Saturday as we paid a visit to the House of Bread and their store-wide cinnamon roll. What a fun grand opening event! Prizes, yummy food, and some lovely people. House of Bread is located on old Seward Highway, just north of Dimond, on the west side of the street in a new strip mall. Yes, the free samples come out of the oven around 9 a.m. every day, so stop by and snuggle up to their fireplace and free wi-fi sometime.

A big Mahalo! to Dimond Center and their Aloha Days celebration, complete with a number of performances to make us all wish for sandy beaches and soft trade winds. Tons of people were taking advantage of the free skating, and the AK Men stole away for an hour of swimming at the Dimond Center Athletic Club. We caught up with a friend and her family at The Perfect Cup, a perfect spot to settle in for comfort food and delightful service. I’m not a mall person, but gosh golly, Saturday mornings at Dimond Center are quiet, peaceful, and feature plenty for a family to do. Who’d have thunk?

Watching skaters circle the rink at Dimond Center

Scott McMurren and I are so excited about tomorrow’s Alaska Travelgram Show featuring special guest Rene Foss, author of “Around the World in a Bad Mood”. Foss, a flight attendant for an Unnamed Airline, stars in a one-woman show of the same title and has some tips, insight, and hilarity to share with the Dynamic Duo tomorrow from 2-3 p.m. AST on KOAN AM 1020. Given the current temperature of both the airline industry and passenger base, you will NOT want to miss this show. Hey, we’re also giving away a signed copy of Foss’ book “Around the World in a Bad Mood” to someone who calls in to answer our Airline Jingle question. Don’t worry, I’ve got the com for this one.

The classic days of flying: Alaska Travelgram Show looks back, and forward.

Little burst of nostalgia for moi: AK Grandma was a flight attendant (er, “stewardess”) in the 1950’s-60’s, during the same time as Foss’ own mother. No doubt stories will be flying back and forth as we talk “the good old days” of coffee, tea, or me! Have a question or comment about airline service these days, or a funny story to share? Email it to and we’ll pass it along to Foss. AK Grandma might even be listening in from her home in Seattle.

Speaking of airline travel: Do read up on the latest Alaska Travelgram newsletter to find out what our friendly Alaska Airlines is up to with a Double Mileage offer. From Anchorage to Los Angeles beginning May 23, 2011, one can secure double mileage (thus helping one achieve the coveted MVP status and FREE bag checking!). Anchorage-Denver double mileage begins on June 6. Coincidence that Jet Blue and Frontier are beginning their ultra-cheap flights around that time? I think not. Look for dropping airfares as summer approacheth. Doesn’t that sound nice?

I am in the throes of packing for a trip to Salt Lake City, UT tomorrow to visit Big AK Kid, and I’m taking the cold, snowy weather with me, apparently. AKontheGO posts might be a little wonky as I juggle meetings and fun with time changes and information, but we’ll get it to you. Wish AK Dad luck as he too juggles, but AK Kid from the Hacienda.

Have a great day and a great Alaskan week.


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