Make-A-Wish and AKontheGO: Teaming up for kids

AKontheGO is proud to support the efforts of Make-A-Wish Alaska.

When I was 10, I wanted to be a cowboy, badly. I wore a Lone Ranger outfit nearly every day, swaggered better than John Wayne, and owned more cowboy boots than Roy Rogers. “If only….” I thought, roping my little sister and reading stacks of cowboy mystery books that piled up on the floor of my makeshift corral (bedroom). Thankfully, I got to be a cowpoke of sorts every summer on my grandfather’s Montana ranch. I herded cows, stacked hay, played in a creek, and wore my cowboy boots to bed. I got my wish, and, eventually, my own horse, too.

Some kids aren’t that lucky. They won’t ever go beyond “wanting.” These children are ill, fighting diseases they can’t even pronounce. But like all kids, they still have wishes.

We’re going to help with that, in a brand new partnership, pardners.

AKontheGO and the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Alaska and Washington are teaming up to make sure kids with life-threatening illness get beyond simply dreaming about something, and start doing and being. Make-A-Wish is more than a organization sending sick kids to Disneyland, so much more. It’s about communities taking care of each other. We love that kids want to know about dog mushing, ice fishing, and Alaska’s animals, and we’re going to help show off the best of our 49th state.

How does Make-A-Wish work? Families, medical professionals, and even the kids themselves put in a request to the foundation, who then matches those youngsters, age 2 1/2 to 18, with wishes to match their imagination. In operation since 1986, the Washington/Alaska chapter expects to fulfill 30 wishes in 2013, and the staff tell me 70% of all wishes have to do with travel. “I wish to go….”

Over the next week, AKontheGO will introduce you to one such Wish Kid. You’ll love her spunk, her spirit, and her desire to hit the open trail with an Iditarod team. We’ll follow this young lady as she meets her Idiaride musher, learns about sled dogs, and sits in the basket on Ceremonial Start day, March 2.

After the race, AKontheGO will continue supporting Make-A-Wish by letting you know about other Alaska Wish Kids, and ways to help make their dreams come true. Happiness is a form of hope, hope brings strength, and with that strength comes joy.

I wish to be…

I wish to meet…

I wish to share…

I wish to go…

Are you with us?

Follow the adventures of Alaska’s Wish Kids, and all Make-A-Wish families, and learn how you can support this incredible organization, by liking their Facebook page, or following along on Twitter.

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