Links and Posts: A Primer to Family Travel Fun

It must be spring, the geese are starting to show up...God bless 'em.

Am I the only one just itching for summer? Must be the weather: sunny skies, melting snow, and oodles of kidlets outside on their bikes. The most glorious sound to AK Dad and I has to be the shouts of kids playing outside, riding through mud puddles, and generally making merry during an Alaskan springtime. Yes, my friends, it is the best.

Along with the obvious giddy-ness provided by our fast-lengthening Alaskan days comes the inquiries from potential visitors. When, where, how? A great way to make sure your family is in tune with all things Alaskan travel is to sign up for our bloggy updates, easily done by hitting the ‘subscribe’ button at the bottom of the blog. It’s really quite a handy tool for keeping tabs on AK Fam and our antics. Also remember that one can access the AKontheGO Calendar via the tab at the top of the page. My Calendar Girl keeps me in line with all the latest and greatest in family fun.

AKontheGO also partners with Kids These Days! Radio on KSKA 91.1 in Anchorage, our public radio source and winner of an Alaska Press Club award for outstanding programming (well, golly, how cool). Each Friday, “KTDontheGO!” features an interesting (I hope) article about outdoor family activities in Alaska, offering tips and ideas and perspective on taking kids into the far (or near) reaches of the 49th state. Occasionally, like next Tuesday, I’ll appear on the show to talk about new trends, favorite destinations, and upcoming travel itineraries for AK Fam that might appeal to you, so give us a listen (Tuesday at 7, though, because you have to listen to Alaska Travelgram first!)

Learn how to take cool pictures like this with your phone app! Scott Slone gave us his favs on the Show yesterday.

Speaking of the Alaska Travelgram Show (here’s the podcast!), yesterday’s broadcast was a very interesting look at videography, photography, and sharing such, thanks to Scott Slone of Alaska HDTV, our guest for the afternoon. Scott gave us a rundown of his favorite apps for phones and I-Pads, and offered some tips for navigating the sometimes confusing world of CAMERAS (yes, in caps, because my camera, frankly, scares me with all it’s bells, whistles, and whoozy-whatsits). Scott promised to provide listeners with some useful links for all of the above, and did, so you can find them HERE. Great stuff, and thank you, Scott.

Sometimes AKontheGO’s Alaskan info is captured by other sources, and we were honored (okay, perfectly floored) by the fact that our post illustrating ‘Five Fabulous Freebies in Anchorage, Alaska’ was featured by in their Family Travel newsletter. Taking a cruise to Alaska this summer? This is a great way to provide the kids with some family fun time without breaking the budget and allowing time to live like  Alaskans, that is, taking advantage of the myriad free/low-cost activities that most of us Anchorage parents live for.

One more lovely tidbit of information before I head out the door for another fine day of AK Dad medical appointments, trail running (me, not AK Dad), and kid-picking-upping. The Alaska Railroad is still selling tickets for the annual Easter Bunny Train Saturday, April 23! You won’t want to miss this chance to dress in your lovely Easter bonnet and see Mr. E.B. in his hippety-hoppety finest as you ride the rails to Palmer and back. We hear there’s even going to be some magic tricks to keep kiddos amused during the ride, and snacks for everybody. At around $50 it ain’t the cheapest deal around, but the combination train ride/Easter Bunny seems to have a good number of parents scrambling (get it) for tickets, so hop on down to the station or AKRR website and get yours now.

Make it a great Wednesday (it is Wednesday, right?) folks!


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