Life Up Here: AK Fam’s World

Front porch flowers.

Many of you have asked what we do when we’re not trotting around the nation’s largest state with camera, laptop, and kid in tow. It’s a fair question, given that most of the correspondence people have with AK Fam tends to focus on travel and recreation for visitors. Do we even have a life?

As much as we truly live an “on-the-go” lifestyle, our family also embraces time spent at AK Hacienda. Located on the fringe of Anchorage, we love our little haven of peace, albeit one strewn with dog toys, backpacks, and flotsam and jetsam from our latest trip. It’s a place to jump into leaves each fall, to split wood for the upcoming winter, and sip a cold beer during a long summer evening. I love home.

AK Kid takes a giant leap last fall in our front yard.

We also are frequently asked about travel unrelated to writing. Do we ever simply “go” without an agenda? I wish I could shout a resounding “Yes!” to that question, but guilty I remain for gathering blog-fodder everywhere we go, be it for an hour, a day, or a weekend. I can’t help it; we live in a fascinating place, and I’ve discovered people really do care about my evening stroll through the neighborhood park carrying bear spray and watching for moose. And why not?

Trying out a Sea-Doo on Nancy Lake.

This weekend we drove 90 minutes north of Anchorage to Nancy Lake State Recreation Area and a friends’ woodland property. Except for the appearance of two Alaska Railroad trains carrying full cars of tourists and the camera in my hand (leading to this blog post), I did no work. AK Dad and Kid played on the calm water of Nancy Lake, the AK Dogs frolicked on the shore, and the weather remained merely cloudy instead of cloudy and rainy. For a change. I took a brief hike to scope out berry bushes (more on that come fall), and discussed the benefits of moose roast vs. caribou meatballs with our Alaska sourdough cohorts.

We ate fresh strawberries and slapped mosquitoes until late at night, when the loons began chortling a chorus of taps, Alaska-style.



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