Let Kühl Top Your Alaska Packing List

*This is a sponsored post on behalf of the Kühl clothing company.*

I just returned from the Anchorage airport, where I witnessed the annual crush of summer tourists fighting their way around the gate areas and baggage claims, retrieving enormous suitcases and duffels and generally becoming hot and sweaty in the process. It’s been hotter than $%&! here for the past month with temperatures creeping into the 85F range, and I’ve been noticing a decided switch up in required gear for an Alaska visit (non-Alaskans, STOP laughing right now — 75F is scorching to we Midnight Sun-ers). 

Anyway, this afternoon there were people climbing off airplanes bundled in thick hiking pants, sweaters, and heavy hiking boots. I wanted to weep for their red faces and sticky clothing, and it occurred to me that perhaps it might be time for an updated version of the AKontheGO packing list that appears on our website’s home page. 

While Alaska’s weather can and does change rapidly and without warning (AK Kid and I just spent a weekend in Nome, the only rainy place in the entire state), it is also becoming evident as time goes on that without exception, weather is different up here from what it used to be when I started this gig. Thus, while the original Family Packing List is indeed a valuable guide, summers in the Last Frontier are becoming more about staying cool and dry than warm and dry.

Kuhl’s comfy Soro Hoodie was the perfect choice for a buggy visit to Lake Clark National Park on July 4th. Erin Kirkland/AKontheGO

And here’s where Kühl comes in; wicking fabrics, lightweight material, and sustainable sourcing, not to mention the good looks. I’ve been wearing my Sora Hoody nearly every morning and evening as both a bug deterrent (oh my, are the mosquitos nasty) and lightweight cover. Kühl’s signature thumb loops (and blessed long-enough sleeves) are perfect to ensure I stay covered, and the trim fit makes me feel oh-so-stylish out there on the tundra, in the spruce forests, or upon the water. It’s durable, too, and doesn’t smell like, eh, sweat after days of wear (I wore it nearly daily during a recent camping road trip). Retailing on the Kühl website for $65 and coming in six colors, the Sora Hoody is a good value, too. 

So, what else should you pack, moms who worry so much about the our kids’ and partners’ packing that we forget about ourselves? 

  • Shorts. I have added one pair of roll-up capris and one pair of long shorts to my bags. The lighter the weight, the quicker drying and easier fit into the suitcase, backpack, or duffel. See Kühl’s list of women’s pants and shorts for the best fit for your body.
  • Fleece. Used for wrapping small kids, covering your knees in front of the fire pit on a chilly evening, or tossing on in the middle of the night to take a child to the potty, fleece is a reliable go-to for we busy moms. 
  • Dress. What? <—- yep. My own sister, a stylist, swears by packing one lightweight, travel-worthy dress in her bags no matter where she goes, including Alaska. Kühl has a lovely lineup of comfortable, well-tailored dresses that work for light hiking, walking, travel, and a lovely evening cocktail with your sweetie. Check out the lineup, HERE. 

Happy Alaska travel, and do let us know if you have any questions about navigating the 49th state with your own set of bags, and the kids they belong to. 


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