Kids These Days! Radio for Alaska Parents

Did you know that AKontheGO has a strong presence over at Alaska Public Radio’s Kids These Days program? Yep, we sure do, moonlighting as the “KTDontheGO! Mom” for the show’s blog. Every Friday parents across the state can read up on great family travel tips, and learn just a little bit more about my background, family, and what makes me, the travelin’ mama, tick-tock.

Kids These Days is the brainchild of some pretty amazing women, Shana Sheehy and Sarah Gonzales, who pull together consistent, practical, and interesting shows each Tuesday afternoon from 2-3 p.m., keeping Alaska parents informed about issues that matter.

I love this show, what it says, and how it projects to a broad audience around the state. I also love that the team nominated my Kids These Days blog for an Alaska Press Club  Internet Media award, the results of which will be anounced next weekend. Honored, I am.

So, if you’ve never listened to Kids These Days, or read the blog, I think you’ll be happy when you do. It rocks. The show rocks. Together, that makes us all stronger parents and caregivers.


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