Kids These Days! and Alaska Travelgram Today

Just a quick note to tune into both Kids These Days! Radio  and the Alaska Travelgram  shows today. KTD will talk about indoor activities with Dr. Michelle Laufer, an Anchorage pediatrician, author and mama who has been there, done that in the keeping-kids-busy trenches. KTD has tapped into her experience, even giving her the title of Dr. KTD, so don’t miss her ideas, information, and insights today. She is joined by Margaret Timmerman of the Anchorage Parks and Rec  dept. Margaret is a powerhouse of activity planning and programming, and AKontheGO loves to see her name on attached to any recreation listing. We’ll be there, too, talking about one of our fav wintertime places. So tune in at either 2 p.m. or 7 p.m. and catch the latest and greatest for kids!

At 2 p.m. live, catch my buddy Scott McMurren and yours truly as we talk travel deals and exciting changes in the airline industry with Johnny Jet, a guy who really never stops seeing the world. He and Scott will discuss some interesting mergers and share their expertise in getting the best deal. Scott also has the latest in PFD sales from both Alaska Airlines  and Era. Don’t want to miss your chance to save. I’ll be sharing some insights from a walk through the Alaska Botanical Garden  yesterday with some AKontheGO friends and run down the list of cool Autumn Hot Spots for families.

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