Kids in Nature and UnCruise: Alaska vacation bliss

After a week exploring southeast Alaska’s glaciers, icy waters, and abundant wildlife with a pack of 12 kids, I’m plum whupped, but perhaps the happiest I’ve ever been. Desperately missing my AK Dudes aside, this week of adventuring with UnCruise Adventures was nothing short of spectacular.

Standing at the edge of Reid Glacier!

How many different things can you find in the picture frame?

We hiked, taking great care to preserve and protect the delicate wonder of such a place as this. Scavenger hunt to search for a heart-shaped rock, or perhaps an animal’s favorite hidey-hole? Uh-huh. Peering at the grasses and flowers of a glacial leaving, noticing the intricacies of these tenacious, yet delicate plants? Way. Touching a glacier’s face? Yup.

Kayaking calm waters of Glacier Bay National Park.

That's a whale.

My favorite animal. Sea otters are the best.

We saw Alaska from the water, viewing creatures who live on, under, and because of the salty, briny sea, including a particularly vigorous display of humpback whale happiness.

Dual tails.

Rangers Steve and Patrick were fantastic teachers!

We talked about ways kids can become stewards of Alaska today in order to continue nature’s legacy, tomorrow. With a little help from the National Park Service and Ranger Steve, Team KIN (Kids In Nature) created an impressive backpack of crafts, Junior Ranger badges, and animal puppets.

Tidepooling in Bartlett Cove on a beautiful Alaska day.

Some of us even jumped into the frigid waters of Endicott Arm, a chilly 36 F, by the way.

Cold, much?

In short, we had a blast.

And I can’t wait to go back.

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