JetBlue Blasts Up to Alaska and Wild Wednesday Fun

AK Kid says "Buy Now!"

Stop. Before you read any further, take a look at your family’s schedule this summer. If it is empty from May 24-June 28, consider filling it in with a trip to Long Beach, CA courtesy of JetBlue, the newest airline to try flying to and from the 49th state. for $354 RT (all-in), your family could be doing the happy dance of vacation down in sunny SoCal. But, friends, the sale ends today, so get hopping if you’ve been waiting for an excellent airfare.

Oh, but here’s more! Thanks to my favorite radio co-host in travelcrime, Scott McMurren, we have discovered that Alaska Airlines, in the spirit of healthy air commerce, has offered great deals to their SoCal destinations from May 13-June 20. Hmmmm, how’s this sound? $386 RT to LAX (+ tax/fees). I just love when airlines are mad at each other. Then we all win, right Scott? I found out about all these deals via Scott’s great website, Alaska Travelgram, where all it takes is an email address to start getting the deals.

Want more free-dom? Don’t forget that the Anchorage Museum and Fred Meyer “Free After Three Thursdays” will end April 30. From 3-9 p.m. every Thursday, admission is waived so you can explore the ups and downs of this fabulous facility. Many parents have complained the museum is too crowded; I say, go after dinner if you can swing it, especially with older kids. Make it a family date night!

I’m stopping by the Alaska Museum of Natural History tomorrow to check out their “Alaska Ice” exhibit that Exec. Director Katch Bacheller so eloquently talked about on the show last week. A fascinating look inside a glacier, some chills on the ice, and hey, we’re good to go next time we venture out among the floating icebergs because we’ll know how they were made and why they look like they do. Awesome. The Museum is open Tues-Sat 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Have small kids? Tinker Time is today, by the way, at 10 a.m. Hands on fun at its best!

AK Fam is gearing up for another trip to our Numero Uno vacation spot for 2010; Valdez. Why, you say, would AK Fam be heading there now, before things are open and running hot for summer tourist season? Airplanes. Lots and lots of airplanes at the 2011 Valdez Fly In and Air Show. After a big old plug by our pal Colleen Stephens of Stan Stephens Wildlife Cruises, we thought we’l just flap our wings and find out more. May 6-8 will find us watching flour bombing runs and all sorts of Bush pilot antics (in the air, of course). Check it out here! Thanks to Era Alaska for not putting AK Fam in the baggage hold, too. We are forever in your debt.

Hey, don’t forget to check out the Award Winning Kids These Days! Radio website and our weekly blog posts to compliment Fun Friday. Shana and Sarah have a ton of great information and a super series of blogs written by a few parents (ahem). This week’s topic: Part Time Parenting. We’ll have some tips for families wanting to solo travel with kids, plus a few ideas for keeping the kids busy while one parent is away.

Happy Trails!


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