Jet Blue and You on Yesterday’s Alaska Travelgram Show

We had a great time on the Alaska Travelgram show yesterday chatting up Scott Laurence, VP of Networking for Jet Blue airlines, now a done deal for service to and from Anchorage – Long Beach, CA. Beginning May 26, 2011, Jet Blue will be flying up and down between the two cities to connect you, AKontheGO’ers, with more destinations for family fun all the way through Labor Day, 2011.

Some highlights of the discussion? The 50+ channel televisions in each and every seat were a winner (yes, SpongeBob is there), as was the First Bag Free idea, but what got me was the seating configuration. Operating under the concept that passengers are not sardines, Jet Blue chopped numbers down on their airplane from 160 to 150; which means, folks, we have R.O.O.M. Dig it, moms and dads. Also super cool (and super funny) is Jet Blue’s signature “EML Class”. Not First Class (they don’t offer it), not Business Class, but EML, which stands for “Even More Legroom”. HAHAHAHA! I thought it was funny.

For around $50/flight, Anchorage-Long Beach passengers can sit in seats that have the equivalent of First Class leg room. Sign me up! At 5’8″, I’m a sucker for a deal like that. The heck with the Perrier, I want to sit in comfort.

So, check out our podcast (sorry, you’ll have to go to Travelgram, link below), make sure you are signed up for my co-host Scott McMurren’s Travelgram Newsletter, and stay tuned because we’ll continue to have regular updates from our friends at Jet Blue.

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