Iowa to Alaska With Great Alaskan Holidays – 2016

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Perhaps the greatest gift given to my brother, sister, and I was the opportunity to see so much of the West from the backseats of our 1969 Volkswagen Bus. Snowy mountains, dry deserts, rushing rivers, and more than a fair number of cows, sheep, and other critters. We camped, we stayed in hotels, we explored rest stops in desolate places, and eventually grew up into adults with a wanderlust for our nation’s highway systems. It’s why the AKontheGO logo looks as it does. It’s why I spend so much time writing about travel and kids. I’m not sure I could have been more excited, then, when John and Corbin from Great Alaskan Holidays called and asked if AK Fam “might be interested” in participating in their Spring Adventure Package.

Yes. And here’s why.



RV travel is independent. And, I’ll add, a bit more comfortable for my 40-something (lalalalalala) body than sleeping in a tent across the United States and Canada. I love those hardy adventurers who will strike me down as a wimp, but there you have it; I want a bit more luxury if I’m driving nearly 4,000 miles with two kids and a husband. Great Alaskan Holidays has dialed us in with a 32′ coach that promises to send us off in style.

We get to see the Winnebago factory. And why not, since the whole SAP deal starts off in the fields of Forest City, Iowa, where Winnebago builds their newest models for use by cool folks like us. I’ve always wondered about the structure of these machines, and now, we’ll get to see it up close. For AK Kid and AK Buddy, this will be a hands-on opportunity to watch the careful construction of an RV that will carry them from there, to here.

Alaska kids will see the Lower 48 and Canada. For those of you who live Outside (i.e., anywhere not in Alaska), it might seem odd that two 11 year-olds have not seen much of the United States. Here’s the thing: They live in the largest state in the country, and just getting out of it means a lot of time, money, or both. Mostly both. These two intrepid travelers have not seen much of the U.S. beyond the West Coast. Now, they’ll see farm and ranch country, wide open spaces, national parks, scenic landmarks, and meet people from other states. Oh, and I haven’t even gotten to the Canada part. The last time I visited Alberta I was around five, so this will be a new adventure for the entire family. AK Kid and AK Buddy will be launching an Instagram video diary as soon as we arrive to document their impressions of this journey. Stay tuned, as it’s likely to be quite entertaining.

The AlCan awaits us. Many families have asked about traveling the Alaska-Canada Highway, or AlCan, with kids. Is it safe? Interesting? Worth the effort? We’ll be investigating the entire 866.5 miles together, and taking notes for YOU. This is our first foray into the drive with youngsters, and I guarantee they’ll be missteps and adventures the entire way.

Of course, RV travel and road trips with kids always mean a lot of planning, so we’re taking our own advice by reading up on some past posts from the AKontheGO blog.

This is going to be epic.

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