Important Alaska Family Travel Updates!

Come fly away, come fly, let's fly away.....Alaska makes me do that.

It’s been a full week of hot travel scoops and interesting information coming to AKontheGO, and today’s blog post is bursting with good stuff your family needs to know. For instance, our Calendar of Events is nicely packaged for autumn, with a drifting of snowflakes for winter’s arrival. Check it out and find something fun today! Remember, too, that your organization can easily become part of this list o’fun by emailing us at, or entering the info yourself up top (see, right there!) where it says “Suggest an Event.”

The Alaska Travelgram Show was full on Tuesday, too. Full of great airfare deals and Alaska Airlines’ annual PFD Sale that kept my co-host Scott McMurren up late the night before compiling his comprehensive list so I don’t have to. Bless you, Mr. TravelGuru. Here is his list as things stand right now, so don’t delay if you’re thinking of an escape this winter.

"Pardon me, but could I borrow a cup of sugar?"

We also chatted about my recent trip to Hallo Bay Bear Camp, Scott’s adventure to Tenakee Springs near Juneau (I have simply got to go there), and much more. Catch up to the podcast here and enjoy our witty banter and charming personalities. Or, at least mine.

Fly Era this fall or winter and save, save, save!

EraAlaska is also taking advantage of fall-ing (get it?) fares for their autumn sale, going on right now, so zoom over to their website for in-state specials. Psst: they might go even lower when their PFD sale domes to town, so get on their mailing list for the instant scoop. I really enjoy Era; my trip to Homer was fast, the service was impeccable, and those darned cookies from Fairbanks’ own Cookie Jar restaurant get me every time. Yum.

Empty those pockets, AK Kid! TSA wants 'em empty.

Speaking of flying, the Department of Homeland Security announced yesterday that they’ll no longer be requiring children under 12 to take off their shoes for TSA screenings. Probably. For some kids. Are you sensing a bit of ambiguity here? Join the club. The problem with this announcement is the caveat that should a particular agent at a particular airport sense a particular need to inspect said particular shoes from a particular child, said child will thus be subjected to the removal of shoes on a “random” basis. My advice? Plan on taking off your kids’ shoes for a while, because even if the announcement is made, it doesn’t mean our trusty (cough) TSA agents will receive it, much less abide by it. Remember our Rules for Airport Engagement and you’ll be fine: empty pockets; take off shoes, belts, hats, jackets; assign one parent as the “catcher” on the other side of the metal detector; and don’t let anyone hassle you about your rights as a passenger. So there.

We’ll have a chance to try out this new non-rule on Friday when we all fly up to Fairbanks. We’re intrigued on a number of levels for this trip. It’s a first for us to visit during the late fall (yes, it is late up there, with temps freezing at night and snow in the air), and we’re surprised a the number of family fun activities going on. Way to go, Golden Heart City’ers! I am happy to report Pike’s Lodge agreed to allow AK Fam to infiltrate their property for a weekend of ice cream, duck-watching, and fine dining,where AK Kid will undoubtedly charm the socks off the staff like he does everywhere else. Darn him. Look for a complete report upon our return.

The tranquil view from AK Hacienda. Ahhhhhlaska!

In the meantime, Fun Friday is on the horizon, I can see it. Enjoy your family, enjoy your autumn, and we’ll talk to you soon.


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