Happy New Year! Kids, how about creating a tree full of wishes?

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Tonight’s the night, guys and gals! With 12 bell taps, 2014 is officially in the history books, and 2015 slides in to bring your family a whole new year of exciting opportunities. Just think about it; you can go anywhere, do anything, or be anybody you want, starting NOW.

I was going to write a blog post about resolutions (those are things we say we’re going to do, probably should do, or hope we can do, and most grownups write them down today so they will be ready for New Year’s Day), but everybody is writing about resolutions. Then I was going to take a look back at the year of AKontheGO, finding our favorite stories or photos or funny things that happened with AK Kid. But frankly, that would take me a lot of time, and I’m feeling sort of lazy this morning.

So I found this ——>

A Wishing Tree. [babybudgeting.co.uk]

A Wishing Tree.

It’s a craft. We’re not too into crafts around here, AK Kid rolling his eyes whenever he sees me haul out the glue and glitter, but I think this is an important one. It’s about wishes, and AKontheGO IS into wishes, on a number of levels.

We love to support the efforts of Make-A-Wish Alaska Washington, where kids with life-threatening conditions can meet someone, go somewhere, or be somebody of their dreams. And that’s pretty cool.

We have wishes for places we’d like to visit, all of us, so why not display them as a motivator? (Are you paying attention, Scotland and New Zealand?)

We have wishes for the world. Gosh, but there’s a lot happening in it right now, both good and not-so-good, so maybe, just maybe, we can send our wishes into the universe and have them fall back to earth…

Here’s the process: 

1. Go outside (take mom and dad with you, too, while you’re at it), and find a few skinny twigs or small branches that may have fallen on the ground. Try not to break live branches if you can help it.

2. Find a pitcher, vase, or other cool receptacle to place the branches.

3. You’ll need yarn, construction paper or card stock, a cookie cutter (I do like the star shapes, but you can use anything you want), glue, a felt pen, and whatever else you’d like to decorate the shapes (including that glitter!).

4. Cut out the shapes using the cookie cutter as a guide, write your wishes on the shape, then decorate.

5. Punch a hole in the shape and tie with yarn.

6. Gather around your little tree, share the wishes you created, and hang them with great ceremony.

7. Leave the tree up through the first few weeks of January, or heck, all year.

8. Next December 31, gather ’round again and see how many wishes came true. Make another tree for 2016.

See how cool this is? We’re on it.

Happy New Year, young AKontheGO’ers. You’re the reason for my season.



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