Great Gear: MyCharge AdventureUltra a great choice

The AdventureUltra by MyCharge kept my phone photos rolling during a recent trip to Manitoba Cabin. Erin Kirkland/AKontheGO

For all my drum-banging for unplugging the family during outdoor adventures, there is an exception when it comes to certain things. I don’t often review gear, but when MyCharge sent along the AdventureUltra just as we (and some friends) were headed out for a multi-day camping trip, I grabbed the box at the last second and took it along. 

Billed as a “replacement for heavy generators” when camping (although I’m not sure I’d go that far, especially here in Alaska), AdventureUltra is a palm-sized option for recharging small devices up to the size of a laptop computer. Featuring both an AC power output and USB ports, users have the option of truly “plugging in” in a traditional sense, or popping in the USB of a phone, laptop, or other small device. With a lithium-ion battery (take note, air travelers), the unit promises a quick, easy, and compatable charge to save one from the angst of trying to find an outlet at the nearest campground store lobby or, god forbid, the bathroom <—–I’ve only done this once. 

Note: I do advocate unplugging while savoring the great Alaska outdoors. BUT — I now use my phone for most images and videos, so I need the darn thing even if there is no intention of sharing any of it until I return to my little hovel of an office. A charger that can fit in my backpack and be used at the end of the day at the campsite or public use cabin is, frankly, quite lovely. 

So, how does it work? The AdventureUltra went on two separate journeys during the review period; one with our backpacking friends who carried two kids, gear, and the unit for four days up Ke’sugi Ridge. The second trip was with us to Denai National Park, where we spent five days recreating in a blissfully-quiet campground over Labor Day weekend. 

Image courtesy MyCharge/AdventureUltra

For backcountry fans: The AdventureUltra was a bit heavy for our backpacking friends. Even though it weighs just over a pound, any backcountry hiker knows every blessed ounce matters. However, they trucked the unit along, and were glad for the fast charge and solid compatibility with their devices, that are different from mine. “A solid B+” my friend said. “Just a bit heavy.” 

For car campers: Heck, the pound weight of the AdventureUltra was perfect, and fit nicely on the picnic table each evening as we enjoyed our wine and cheese and crackers while scrolling our roll of photos from the day. I, however, noticed that the more devices we plugged in (we tried all four smartphones to see what happened), the slower the charge time became, but ultimately, everything hit 100% by morning. And the best news? That AdventureUltra battery pack just kept powering on. Nice. 

The MyCharge AdventureUltra retails for $129.99; not too shabby in price for something that can keep your phone on and your lights up. It will, also, fit conveniently in a Christmas stocking. 

Need more information: Visit the MyCharge website HERE for all the specs and details, and for other products made by the company. 

I’d buy this for someone on my holiday gift list. 


*A MyCharge AdventureUltra was provided to AKontheGO for reviewing purposes. 

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