Great Alaskan Holidays Partnership Adds Value to Alaska Family Travel

Great Alaskan Holidays and AKontheGO are partners in family travel. Erin Kirkland/AKontheGO

by Erin Kirkland

In an effort to further promote Alaska family travel and opportunities for cultural, historical, and recreational discovery anywhere in the Last Frontier, it is my pleasure to announce a new partnership between Great Alaskan Holidays and AKontheGO. 

Erin Kirkland /AKontheGO

In 2016, our family embarked upon a fantastic adventure with Great Alaskan Holidays, driving a new RV from the mothership of Winnebago, Iowa back to Anchorage, Alaska, a three-week journey that provided a number of insights: 1) RV travel in the 21st century is not nearly as complicated as we thought, 2) RV travel with tweens is an excellent concept for both relationship-building and the development of independence, and 3) there is so much Alaska we have not yet explored (no, really). 

Our family loves to roam Alaska’s roadways, be they ribbons of highway or dusty connectors to remote places. We love to camp, too, but a number of factors have led to our decision to want a hard-sided “home base” as we explore the 49th state. 

Great Alaskan Holidays is located on Old Seward Highway, near O’Malley Street. Erin Kirkland/AKontheGO

As a result, the quality service and impeccable attention to detail led us to Great Alaskan Holidays, a company that has been providing rental and sales fleets of new RVs for legions of Alaska visitors and residents who, like us, have been bitten by the road tripping bug. 

We never forget the campfire and s’mores on a Great Alaskan Holidays adventure.  Erin Kirkland/AKontheGO

2017 is going to be a great year for AKontheGO friends and fans, because it is highly likely you will see us, the entire team, at a campground or roadside attraction near you. Here are some plans: 

  • We’ll spend time with the experts at Great Alaskan Holidays, learning the ins and outs of owning or renting an RV as a family with two dogs, a kid (and usually +1 or 2), and a highly-charged road tripping agenda. We’ll pass this knowledge along to you. 
  • Great Alaskan Holidays will offer their troubleshooting knowledge with our help, creating videos and blog posts about everything you want to know about operating an RV with a family in tow. 
  • We’ll meet up at campgrounds across Alaska, offering “pop-up” opportunities to discovery fun activities with AKontheGO, like nature journaling, campfire cooking, and talks with other families around the campfire. It’s a chance to meet people, learn about Alaska, and share our own tips and tricks for traveling Alaska with kids. Your first opportunity will be May 13 at Eagle River Campground in partnership with Anchorage Community House! <—calendar that! 
  • It’s time to start planning Book #3! How about a “Road-tripping Alaska with kids” idea? Yes, indeed, it’s research time! Look for itineraries, ideas, and information from Alaska’s only family travel expert.

 AKontheGO will be taking over the Great Alaskan Holidays Instagram account whenever the rubber meets the road, so stay connected on social media (Insta: @RVAK49 and @akonthego), and you might find yourself meeting up with us. 

Family road trips are a hallmark of vacation memories, and we can’t wait to show off our favorite state in this very personal way. Ready, set, adventure! 


*Great Alaskan Holidays is providing RV transportation for AKontheGO as a condition of partnership.* 



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