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Christmas in Alaska – get out and enjoy it. Erin Kirkland/AKontheGO

With the December calendar creeping closer and closer to Christmas, I know I’m not the only person looking for gifts that encourage a love of Alaska, the outdoors, and the idea that experiences can sometimes be more powerful presents than “stuff.” We’re also still cleaning up from the 7.2 magnitude earthquake that struck Anchorage on November 30, and in the aftermath of such an event (and the cleaning up that has continued since then), the last thing I think anyone in our family needs is more “stuff.” 

And so, with this concept in mind, and a fair bit of research to back me up, the Kirkland family continues its mission to gift our teenager with a few meaningful activities that will hopefully spur on a lifelong love for Alaska, and not just in December, either. All freaking year, my friends. 

First, though, take a look at the one “thing” I’ve allowed in the AKontheGO experiential Christmas list this year: Alaska Cache Box. This Alaska-owned small business has made a mark in the state and beyond, and not just for the quarterly subscription service filled with local products. Owner Tamara Parker puts a generous helping of thoughtful creativity into each box, making sure Alaskans and Outside recipients get to know the Last Frontier just a little bit more with each delivery, and that’s pretty cool. There’s also a one-time purchase option for those not wanting a full subscription, perfect for gifting family or friends. Check ’em out HERE. 

OK, on with the newsy portion of “newsletter.” Take a look at previous posts sharing the best of the best of the best of Alaska, and share it with your kids this Christmas. 

Merry Merry! 


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