Giveaway! Alaska-themed books your kids will love

Home, home, I’m home! Despite happily rolling around in bright southern California sunshine, it was wonderful to return to Alaska. It always is.

Greeting me on the front porch were two lovely surprises – beautiful children’s books from publisher Sasquatch Books in Seattle. I love books; love their smell, their crisp, new pages, the illustrations. Everything.

Occasionally I get requests to review outdoor-themed gear or books related to our activities, so I wasn’t too surprised when agent Haley from Sasquatch asked if we’d throw in our two cents. Both books, I Would Tuck You In and Larry Gets Lost in Alaska are great representations of our state, with engaging stories, interesting facts, and beautiful pictures.

I Would Tuck You In is the perfect parent-child love story, with a variety of Alaska creatures making their little ones safe and secure in dens, kelp beds, on tundra trails, and in the wide Arctic sky. Perfect for kids birth to five, this charming book by Juneau residents Sarah Asper-Smith and Mitchell Watley provides bedtime-story comfort, any time of the day or night. What I like, though, are the explanatory notes at the bottom of each page to engage the older reader, too. Learn about caribou, brown bears, bowhead whales, or owls as you smoothly navigate the pages, and calmly assure youngsters you will, indeed, love them always.

Pete is a boy, Larry his pup, and the two find adventures together all over the world. The Larry Gets Lost series is a new one for us, and while the book outwardly looks appropriate for a younger crowd, the pages are full of cool Alaska facts and funny mishaps shaped into a rhythmic prose kids will love. Larry Gets Lost in Alaska starts on an Alaska Marine Highway ferry and ends in Nome, and rest assured, Larry finds some new friends along the way. Authors John Skewes and Michael Mullin are spot-on with their Alaska trivia, and any family with kids under 10 who is planning on traveling around the state should buy this book before hitting the road, water, or air.

Available via, these delightful books would make a nice gift for kids in Alaska or Outside. Resident families might learn something new about their home, and Lower 48 friends or relatives will enjoy the diversity of Alaska’s animals and environment.

But you can win both these books, AND something in which to carry your newfound library. How about a backpack? How about a shark-themed backpack? Our friends at the Alaska Museum of Science and Nature (yes, formerly-known-as the Alaska Museum of Natural History) have offered the popular shark pack as a little promo for their recent name change, and just because they’re a cool bunch who love reading almost as much as I do.

Here’s the procedure:

1. Go to the AKontheGO Facebook page. If you haven’t yet Liked us, do so. Then, in a brief statement, tell us why your family would appreciate Larry Gets Lost and I’ll Tuck You In. Is it the illustrations? The easy-reading? Cool maps? What?

2. With the help of Alaska Museum staff, we’ll draw from a hat the winner of the backpack and both books on Saturday, January 26. That means that all entries need to be on the AKontheGO Facebook page by 11:59 p.m. Friday. This Friday. Got that?

Rules? Yes, there are rules. 

1. Entrants must contribute a statement to be considered. This means no tagging everyone you know in the hopes they’ll win by association. Sorry, we want some creative answers. You can do it.

2. AKontheGO will contact winners via Facebook, so be watching on Saturday, January 26, 2013 for your name. AK Kid, of course, will assist with the drawing of names. He likes that.


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