Fur Rendezvous 2014 an Anchorage Tradition for the Whole Family

Rondy on!

Celebrate winter; that’s what Alaskans do, with a hearty dose of “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em” spirit. And why not? A season that lasts and lasts, and lasts some more, Alaska and snow fit together like skies and boots. I can also note with complete authenticity that Alaskans do love a good party, and Anchorage Fur Rendezvous is one big shindig. The 2014 celebration kicked off yesterday in Anchorage with appropriate levels of cheering, hollering, and howling, and continues through next weekend.

A 79-year tradition in Alaska’s largest city, Fur Rendezvous shines as a bright spot during a time of year when colors are dull, weather can be dreary, and people need a mood-booster. From outhouse races to ferris wheels and a parade, Fur Rendezvous is a great opportunity for locals to bundle up the family and take to the streets, and an even better chance for visitors to experience the Last Frontier in a way no cruise tour can provide.

What will you see?

Try these photos, shot from today’s gala events, to pique your curiosity, and visit the AKontheGO Calendar for family fun all week long!


People running in union suits and "bunny boots." Only in Alaska, and only at Fur Rendezvous.

Super dad! Or, at least, a really, really strong one. The Frostbite Footrace costume section is the best.

Rondy Bear cheers on race participants before dancing along the street in the Grand Parade.


Dapper steed waits to carry Rondy royalty in the parade.

All bundled up and ready to watch the World Championship Sled Dog Races along 4th Avenue.

"Can we go, yet?" Sled dogs yip and yowl as they get ready to leave the starting line.

Winter carnival rides are definitely a must-do at Fur Rendezvous 2014.

It’s an Alaska tradition, and we’d love for you to join us!


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