Fun Friday and Early Autumn Fun; it’s all here…

Attention parents of children who are either itching to get back to school or lamenting the fact that they are already there; it’s the beginning of an Alaskan autumn and time to find some new stuff to do.
This weekend actually is a long one; we could call it a weekend of Fun Fridays. Here’s a sampling of good times for you and the wee ones. Remember, you can post your own Fun Friday comments so the rest of us can join in…

Alaska State Fair: If you haven’t taken the kids out of school (hahaha) already, this is the last chance to enjoy the best in Alaskan agriculture, food, music, and other forms of entertainment only found in beautiful Palmer, Alaska. Saturday is “Experience Alaska Day” with great acts lined up. Hobo Jim, Medicine Dream, and Jugglemania are sure to be hits with all ages. Big kids might enjoy the Motocross at 2 and 6 p.m. in the Grandstand arena, after which you may want to wander the food booths and stuff yourself with a few pork chops on a stick before riding the Gravitron. Visit the Fair web site for admission prices and a schedule of events.

Alaska Law Enforcement Museum: With most of the tourist population already departed, downtown is a good place to be this weekend, checking out the little-known but very interesting museum at 245 W. 5th Avenue. AK Kid likes to visit up close and personal with the real, live, Hudson Hornet cop car and try on a trooper hat while gazing in awe at the many items that make policemen and women our heroes. The museum is free and open M-F 10 a.m.-4 p.m. and on Saturdays Noon-4 p.m.

Arctic Valley: Take an end-of-season hike up this pristine alpine setting before the s.n.o.w. falls. AK Fam can see the hill from our front windows and things are getting pretty colorful up there, so don’t delay. The weather should be pretty nice for some gazing. Take Glenn Highway North to the Arctic Valley exit and follow the signs up to the top. Remember to bring $5 for parking.

Go Fishing! More on this later next week, but the Anchorage Daily News had a nice feature about good fishing holes today. Visit their web site for the latest and greatest fishing info. Trout, grayling, and pike are all good choices for kids to catch, and there are still pinks out there…

A side note: DON’T FORGET to sign up for the 42nd Annual Bonny Sosa Tuesday Night Running Races 2009, beginning next Tuesday at Kincaid Park. Nine nights of running, walking, and general outdoor fun for the whole family. Don’t like running? Fine; walk, crawl, stroll, whatever it takes to show our kids that exercise is fun! Look for AK Fam in our cool shirts and enthusiastic Kid. You can follow up with Charlotte Fitzgerald at 343-4263 with questions. Hey, the first 600 people to sign up get fleece hats donated by Alaska Regional Hospital. Whoohoo!

Cheers and happy long weekend!

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