Family Travel Blogs: They like us, they really, really like us!

A tiny AK Kid on one of our first missions to downtown Anchorage.

Back in 2008, when I first considered jumping into an often tumultuous water of family travel blogs, the internet was awash with citizen journalists who wanted the world to know what, where, and how they managed to travel with kids. Big families, small families, non-traditional families, and everything in between – through the past six years, as AKontheGO has developed and matured into its own niche, we’ve learned a few things about  this gig, each other, and the state we call Home .

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AKontheGO’s mission is about practical, reliable, and interesting information told through a unique format of storytelling, because Alaska deserves a thousand stories to adequately relay the uniqueness of this place. Everybody, it seems, wants a piece of the ‘real Alaska’ when they visit, but sometimes it’s hard to discern exactly what that means, especially with children along for the ride.

Building a sand castle in a secluded cove of southeast Alaska. Rain? Who cares!

I love Alaska, its quirky characteristics, stunning scenery, and fiercely independent residents, and I desperately want everyone else to know it like I do – from top of a windswept mountain to the bottom of saltwater tidal pools. I want kids to get muddy, snowy, or full of glacial silt as they become immersed in natural wonders of a state twice the size of Texas. I want them to stay up all night and glory in the fact that it’s not dark, to watch the aurora borealis dance across a winter sky with a palette of colors sent by angels, to feel the slurp of a sled dog’s tongue after a run through silent birch forests of Interior Alaska.

It was a happy moment, then, to receive an email from the Klaf crew, better known around blogospheres as The Nomadic Family. They roam the world with their kids, doing good stuff, and want everyone else to know that joy, too. And they spend a lot of time looking for other family travel bloggers who, like us, don’t have a million follwers, laundry lists of accolades and awards, or a standing invitation from the luxury travel industry. Nope.

The Nomadic Family, it seems, nominated AKontheGO for their Unsung Heroes 2013 Best Family Travel Blog awards, to be announced at the end of December. Not a popularity contest like other blogging awards, the Unsung Heroes awards are based upon reviews from readers AND a cadre of family traveling judges. I like that angle.

Land or sea, we love Alaska.

But I still need you. If traveling to Alaska was made easier because of a post you read at, or if you live in Alaska and find our stories to be helpful, powerful, or sometimes downright funny, I ask you to help.

The process requires a bit of time, but I think the reasoning behind the process is sound, and will at the very least put forth some awesome blog posts written by some of the coolest family travel bloggers on the planet.

You can nominate in a number of categories, and once a day between now and December 20, 2013. HERE are the details.

Thank you for following our adventures. Thank you for reading the words I write, for suggesting trips, tips, and cool places to see with the kids in our lives. Thank you for supporting causes that make life better for people. That’s enough for me.



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