Facebook Plays Games With AKontheGO: Standing by…

Good morning, AKontheGO friends and followers:

No, Facebook. Just, no.

For those of you attempting to glean information from us via Facebook, I must profoundly apologize. It seems the Book of Faces is experiencing technical difficulties with the AKontheGO page, as nothing is there. At least, not when I look for it. You may be able to see it, but unfortunately, no one is able to comment, like, share, or message us, and that, as all Facebook users know, spells disaster.

Yippee!!! At least something works.

Be assured that AKontheGO’s Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+ pages are all alive and well, at least for now, so please do visit and stay informed about all things Family Travel in Alaska.

Thursday morning I’ll be appearing on KTVA 11’s Daybreak  morning program, bright and early at 6:45. I’m talking Halloween, hiking, and gearing up the kids for an impending winter of family fun.

Saturday morning brings you the Alaska Travelgram Radio Show, full of airfare deals, hot tips, and special guest Scott Habberstadt from Alaska Airlines. It’s going to be a great show, so tune in at 11 a.m. AST on KOAN 95.5 FM.

In the meantime: Breathe deeply and pour more coffee – that’s my mantra for today. Boo to you, Facebook.

Little AK Dog shares my opinion of Facebook this morning.


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