Fabulous Fairbanks. It’s still winter in the Golden Heart City

A stunning eastern view from Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport, today.

It’s a beautiful day to go somewhere! I’m headed up to Fairbanks, Interior Alaska’s most populated city and home to all sorts of family-friendly activities and attractions, year round. Invited to an aurora party with 1st Alaska Outdoor School, I’ve now added a stroll through the forest with a herd of reindeer, a trip to Ice Alaska, and a learning opportunity at the Museum of the North. I think I’ll also swing by my pals at the Fountainhead Antique Auto Museum, too. All good stuff, right?

Temperatures in Fairbanks have hovered well above freezing during the day, but still drop down to the minus digits at night, just right for some northern lights and fancy ice. March is considered an excellent time to visit Fairbanks, by the way. Spring break here in Alaska, longer daylight hours, and uncrowded opportunities to explore this fascinating region of Alaska. Airfares are decidedly cheaper, as well; just take a look at my pal Scott’s Alaska Travelgram page!

I’ll be headed out around 9 p.m. to hunt down the greenish glow in our skies, so keep a close eye on our Twitter feed and Facebook page; I’ve been given a great aurora forecast, so my fingers and toes are crossed (please, please, oh gods of colorful skies, let me see something!).




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