EXTRA: Club 49 and a Partnership For Better Communication!

BIG NEWS! In case you have been busy with other things and missed yesterday’s big announcement regarding Alaska Airlines’ launch of their brand new benefit program for residents of Alaska, we’re proud to be the Alaska family travel website to crack the code for readers, explaining “The Club” in a bit more detail.

As a corporate “Thank You” to all Alaskans for their 80 years (can you believe it?) of patronage to Alaska Airlines, residents of the 49th state can now opt to sign up for Club 49, a free program open to anyone (yes, kids, too) who is a member of the Mileage Plan program. What does this mean for you, me, and everyone in the family? Take a look:

1. Every person who is registered for Club 49 (sign up HERE), is eligible for 2 FREE checked bags on any flight into our out of Alaska. As long as the flight begins or ends in Alaska, this policy stands. Parents will no longer have to haul carry-ons full of stuff in hopes of avoiding gazillion-dollar baggage fees, children slung over their shoulders like sacks of potatoes. And, residents of rural areas will have twice as many opportunities to return to their communities with staples for an easier life (Costco, watch out).

2. Club 49 members will receive two annual 30% discount certificates for last-minute travel (Alaska refers to them as “YAS” fares) when flying to, from, or within the state on Alaska Airlines. Yes, it’s not a free trip, or even as great as the $99 companion fare, BUT, for those folks who need transport to medical care, are on bereavement flights, or just  need to get the heck outta town, this can alleviate some of the sticker shock. Book within four days of departure and everyone goes for 30% off, provided they are members of the Club. Example: We may need to make a last-minute trip south due to the death of a family member; instead of paying $1,000 for a ticket, we’ll only pay $700. Yeah, it’s not perfect, but it helps. Don’t forget to sign up the kids!

3. Alaskans who join Club 49 will receive a weekly email newsletter, in addition to the already-great Alaska Airlines Insider that comes out on Tuesdays. Before it, actually. Each week, great deals will be featured to and from cities all around the U.S., perfect for planning next summer’s family vacation, or this winter’s ski getaway.

Not a Mileage Plan member, yet? It’s easy to sign up. Sign up the kids, too, because this is truly one of the ways we Alaskans can reap the benefits. Club 49 just sweetened the pot.

OTHER BIG NEWS! AKontheGO is pleased as crowberry punch to announce a new partnership with our friends at Alaska Communications to provide our readers, listeners, and general lurkers with the finest in Tweets, blog posts, and Facebook updates, not to mention phone service when we’re out in the middle of who-knows-where trying to engage same in a meaningful conversation.

Why did we choose Alaska Comm? Simple. They are listening to me. When I was in Juneau fretting because my wireless was on the fritz and my hair was becoming frazzled from pulling it out by the roots after I had flung my laptop across the hotel room…(okay, that didn’t happen, but it was about to), the folks at Alaska Comm listened, conferenced among themselves, and fixed.the.problem. Fixed it so that AK Fam could continue on our two-week Alaska State Ferry journey with little service interruption and one calm AK Mom. Thank you very much. I don’t care how many whoozie-whats-its or widgets-wazoodles; I just want it to work, and they understand that. Simple. Local. Got it.

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