*Extra* Alaska Travelgram Podcast With CIRI Alaska Tourism

Dee Buchanan joins co-host Erin Kirkland for this week's Alaska Travelgram Podcast. Let's talk travel!

It was indeed a “whale of a time” when the Alaska Travelgram Team invited Dee Buchanan of CIRI Alaska Tourism to the weekly podcast party. Covering the wonderful dining options available at CIRI’s Talkeetna Alaska Lodge, Seward Windsong Lodge, and beautiful Fox Island, then chatting about my wild day aboard the Kenai Fjords Tour catamaran last week, and we had us a full hour of Alaska travel power. “Somewhere in Alaska,” of course.

Scott led things off with his weekly airfare report, and if you missed the Alaska Airlines Club 49 specials, you’ll want to check in for sure, because these southeast Alaska deals to Seattle will go quickly! By the way, parents, check out the Sweepstakes to win a trip for your fam to Disneyland; this is for sure a enter-early-and-often sort of thing!

Kenai Fjords Tours, all about breathtaking scenery like this!

The AKontheGO Family Fun lineup included, of course, a host of Mother’s Day freebies, like the Palmer Musk Ox Farm, Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center, and Alaska Zoo. Free is good, right?

Captain Tim narrates our Kenai Fjords Tour cruise from the wheelhouse as we spy humpback whales, porpoise, and mountain goats. Awesome.

Big thanks to our musical artists o’ the week, like Mark Heimonen for his Smooth Sailing, and the Underwater Dance by Voodoo Band. Second half music included Brightness Reef by All India Radio, and Ocean is Near by Martin Herzeberg.

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