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Leaning a new direction, we are....

Good morning, AKontheGO’ers:

We here at AKontheGO have been working hard to bring the best options for Alaska family travel, activities, and get-going-outside fun for your entire crew since early 2009. It’s the best job we could ever imagine, and AK Dad, Kid and I thank you for your ever-present support as we plow through the world of travel and tourism in the 49th state.

AKontheGO is a popular website for travelers, businesses, and anyone interested in moving around our nation’s largest state, and with that comes some exciting decisions. Fall is typically a kinder, gentler month to AK Fam; AK Kid heads back to school, and AK Dad and I have a little bit more time to reflect upon our past adventures and begin planning (ack!) the next ones.

Welcome home, Big AK Kid!

We also have a new face in the AKontheGO crowd: Big AK Kid has recently returned to Alaska and our family after some pretty intense schooling to manage his challenging developmental disabilities. We are thrilled, and look forward to including him in as many Alaskan-themed activities as we possibly can. We hope you’ll join us in a warm welcome.

Our website and blog is written for you, and recent feedback indicates that parents, caregivers, visitors, and vendors of and to Alaska love our listing of events. We do, too, which is why our Fun Friday posts have been so successful. However, with a recent influx of emails wanting Fun Friday to list a particular event, or provide information about a specific activity,  FF has expanded beyond its comfortable boundaries and has become a huge undertaking, not to mention a bit clunky to read. With that in mind, AKontheGO is instituting a New Events Plan (now, didn’t that sound official?), to be implemented on Friday, September 2, 2011:

FUN FRIDAY: Never fear, Fun Friday will still be here, but with a new look and new attitude. Instead of focusing on a plethora of events and activities, come September 2 we will cover one featured event or activity in Alaska. We are stretching ourselves to cover the entire state, searching for the most unique, most family-friendly activities of all, and we need your help to accomplish this goal. Our email is togoak@gmail.com, so shout from the rooftops and let us know what you know!

CALENDAR OF EVENTS: Looking for fairs or festivals? Need to know where to find a rainy-day activity while visiting Alaska? This is the place. AKontheGO’s Calendar Girl will be keeping things updated and fresh as often as possible, and by September 2 it will be chock-full of the best in family fun. Find the Calendar of Events at the top of the AKontheGO.com page.

SUGGEST AN EVENT: Is your agency, organization, or group sponsoring an event in 2011/2012? Want to reach a large audience of both residents and visitors? Hit the “Suggest an Event” tab at the top of the AKontheGO.com page, plug in your info, and let us do the rest!

The best way to make sure you and your fam are up and current on all the BEST in family travel resources, events, and activities, of course, is to subscribe to our blog posts as they happen. Sign up on the right margin of the AKontheGO.com website; it’s easy, it’s fun, and it’s the coolest way to stay in the Alaskan loop!

AKontheGO: It’s Family Fun in the 49th State!


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