“Exodus Alaskus”

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Click. Snap. Thump. Hear that? It’s the sound of a thousand or more suitcases being closed with an air of anticipation all across Alaska. The time of year has arrived when 49th state residents, winter-weary and anxious for something other than shades of gray and beige, stampede to warmer climates.

It’s called Spring Break, but only because spring has sprung almost everywhere but here (although this year’s weather patterns might prove me wrong). We know better; thus the mass exit of Alaska so quickly it’s a wonder we don’t tip the airport over. Show up along Terminal C at Ted Stevens International and it soon becomes obvious where people are heading. Hawaii. Arizona. California. Mexico. Alaska Airlines must be rubbing its wings together with glee at the desperate hordes.

AK Fam made our flight reservations last October for a much-needed and way, way overdue visit to the grandparents; residing in Issaquah, WA and Portland, OR, respectively. It may not be Hawaii, and snow may be forecast for today, but there’s enough green to soothe my aching eyeballs and a wealth of bare pavement for AK Kid to bring his Christmas scooter, not to mention all the “tourist in my own town” stuff that, seen from the perspective of a travel writer, are sure to provide entertainment.

Like Issaquah. A former mining town in the late 1800’s, Issaquah quickly transformed itself from tiny to tremendous and now is part of the great suburbia of nearby Seattle some 15 miles away. I hadn’t thought of my cozy former nest as a great tourist attraction, but acting under the AK Fam belief that anyplace (almost) can be a vacation spot, we’ll be checking out the haunts of my youth and reporting back to you, if for no other reason than to share the views of green grass and daffodils.

The Alaska Travelgram Show will power on, however, even from afar, so be sure to tune in each Tuesday, 2-3 p.m. AST for our broadcast. Who knows, you might learn something about the Pacific Northwest you didn’t know before! Stream us live, here.

We thankfully join the other 500,000 people of Alaska in escaping the state for an ever-so-brief respite from winter in the hopes that once we return, it will all be downhill to spring from here…then the fun really begins.

Enjoy your Monday. Enjoy Fur Rondy and the Iditarod. And may your break be full of spring, wherever you are.

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