Earth Day and the Wonder of it All

Make it a day for wonderous exploration

Make Earth Day a time of wondrous exploration, no matter the weather, or where you live. Erin Kirkland/AKontheGO

Happy Earth Day, everyone! This is the day to spend celebrating, enjoying, and nurturing our precious resources and the terra firma upon which we live. Now more than ever, it’s critical to educate and inform our children so that they may grow up to become stewards of the only planet (so far) to sustain humanity. 

I’ve always loved this day; as a former trail crew supervisor with the US Forest Service and Washington Trails Association, Earth Day meant a huge event filled with families eager to do their part for the world. Teaching people that their one day or even one hour of service towards a more sustainable, pleasant, and safe experience in the outdoors made a huge difference in my own life. 

On Earth Day, it can be fun to explore your surroundings in a very basic way, using the skill of observation. This simple scavenger hunt is a way to incite conversations and slow everyone down from our usual “Go, go, go” mantra of daily life.  

Get outdoors this Earth Day! Erin Kirkland/AKontheGO

Not sure about some of these items? A few excellent resources exist to help: 

AKontheGO Earth Day Scavenger Hunt (please remember that all things that are NOT trash-related need to stay in their natural habitat and/or place of belonging!)

1. A piece of Birch Bark lying on the ground

2. A spruce branch (leave it on the tree, please)

3. Something non-compostable

4. An insect 

5. A rock that looks like a heart (or as close as possible)

6. A grownup who can tell you what the word “sustainable” means

7. Moose poop or other wild animal poop (if you see dog poop and can safely pick it up, please do, and put it in the trash!) 

8. A willow branch (yes, leave that on the tree, too)

9. An example of recycling

10. A trash bag filled with five-minutes worth of trash you and your family picked up someplace in town.

11. An animal track 

12. Spruce cone 


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