A Downtown Pass Means More Family Fun in Anchorage

Image courtesy Anchorage Downtown Partnership for the Downtown Pass.

by Erin Kirkland

Note: AKontheGO is working in tandem with the Anchorage Downtown Partnership to promote the Downtown Pass. 

The core of any city is reflected in the vibrancy of its downtown district, and Anchorage is no different. Alaska’s largest village is known as a hub for commerce, governance, tourism, and transportation, and is one of the most diverse cities in the nation. Downtown, stretching from the Park Strip to 1st Avenue and around to Gambell Street, is an interesting mix of businesses, hotels, and homes. The signature streets have their own history, like 4th Avenue, where most visitors like to stroll and where the famous 1964 earthquake caused the centerline to buckle and take a few cars with it. 

Downtown Anchorage, my friends, is far more than a name; it is a destination, a place where organizations like the Anchorage Downtown Partnership have worked like crazy to make it a pleasant place to spend your time, especially with the kids. Dining, playing, or exploring, downtown Anchorage is interesting and fun, and the partnership organization has a whole new way of shouting this from the rooftops: the Downtown Pass. 

Anchorage Downtown Pass image courtesy ADP

What is it? The Downtown Pass is a yearly savings card that offers savings over an entire year. Launched January 1, 2017, the discounts are already in full swing, making April a great time to jump on board. 

How does it work? The pass offers three ways to save: First Fridays (our favorite way to spend time in downtown Anchorage); Family-Friendly Activities (for tickets, treats, and even meals); and Annual Savings (think parking and retail). 

But how much is it? Ah, the kicker. Normally, the Downtown Pass is $99 for a full year (a pretty good deal), but for the month of April, AKontheGO readers have a chance for 20% discount – which means about $80. Not bad, eh? 

What are the April deals? I’ve got ’em here, but you can also sign up for a regular email update each month, making it easy to plan ahead as summer comes around. See link above. 

  • 25% off tickets to Anchorage Opera
  • Flat rate tickets to “To Kill a Mockingbird” at Perserverance Theater ($15-$20)
  • Discount to “The Afterlife of J. Edgar Hoover” at Cyrano’s Theater
  • A FREE appetizer at Pangea (one of our new favorite places) 
  • FREE afterschool treats on Tuesdays at The Kobuk
  • 50% off all coffee drinks at the Alaska Mint 

Image courtesy ADP for the Downtown Pass.

How do I get the discount? Click HERE, and you’ll be directed to the “Buy Now” page, where you enter your information, and a discount code. The code for our discount is AKONTHEGO, and will be effective through April 30, 2017. There is also a button for the Downtown Pass on the AKontheGO home page

And don’t forget to check in with Anchorage Downtown Partnership on a regular basis to keep up on the latest happenings in the downtown area. Music in the Park, Music for Little Ones, and a host of community events will begin soon, and you won’t want to miss a thing. 


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